Your Kitchen’s Wall And Floor Tiles : Utilizing Kitchen Tiles To Give Your Kitchen A Makeover

Tiles are one of the most important kitchen decor since they decide to a large extent how the kitchen ultimately looks. It is the versatility of the tiles that gives it such wide ranging influence. There is such a huge variety in tiles, in terms of color, texture, size and shape that an endless number of patterns can be woven from it. If tiles are given their due, then no two kitchens would look alike.

Some Tile Ideas That Could Come Handy

Always use tiles from different materials like ceramic, stone or glass to give the kitchen the correct appearance. The doors should contrast with the color of the kitchen floor. That way the kitchen would look bigger. The colors of the walls, floors and working surface should not be coordinated. To create an impression you should go for contrasting or accented colors. While doing the tiling, remember to color the grouting. A contrasting grouting color would make the kitchen more attractive but show up grouting faults. While a coordinated grouting color would give the kitchen a seamless look.

The type of tiles used depend depends on where it is being used. Backsplash tiles should be easy to clean and maintain. On the other hand flooring tiles need to be strong and long lasting since they undergo the maximum wear and tear. Glass therefore cannot be a flooring tile and is used only as an accent tile on the floor. The color of floor tiles is also important. Dark floor contrasting with colors makes the kitchen look bigger.

The place to have beautiful tile patterns is the wall. They have ample space for a complete work of art, if you can afford it. The tiles on the counter top should be strong, heat resistant, durable, easy to clean and non porous.

Just about any kitchen can be made to look gorgeous using kitchen tiles – if you start out with the right plans. For more ideas for kitchen tiles see Truly Lovely Home.

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