The kitchen is the one room in the home that has the most natural resource wasting appliances. Simply stocking your kitchen with energy efficient appliances is only getting you part of the way in creating an eco friendly kitchen.

One of the immediate advantages of having an environmentally friendly kitchen is that you will save money, not only on fitting a new kitchen but also on the utility bills.

Save water by using good taps:

The typical household will save buckets – literally! of water by simply using high star rated taps which bring the water flow down from a high pressured 18 litre per minute to as little as 2 litres. Think of how much water is wasted by having high pressure taps.

Go for recycled stuff:

Recycled products are easily available these days. You can use recycled materials and fittings to make your eco friendly and at the same time very unique. You can get just about anything at auction houses and salvage yards.

Opt for renewable materials:

If you really want to go eco friendly then you must do away with the use of old growth timber and natural stones in the kitchen. Opt for environment friendly timber like bamboo, cork or other plantation timber. If you want the marble look, you can try new cheaper and easily available materials like Marmoleum that are renewable too.

Dont forget the eco friendly decor:

Most adhesives and paints give out toxic compounds after they have dried up. All these emissions can cause various respiratory problems and allergies. They even contribute to global warming to a certain extent. Now that you know this, you can choose adhesives and paints that have very few VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Lighting and Insulation:

Insulating your kitchen means you’ll use less energy keeping it warm in the winter and cooler in the summers. And instead of using fibreglass insulation rolls, choose a more eco friendly alternative where there is one available.

Natural light is always better than artificial – after all it uses no energy and is free. Energy saving tubes and bulbs are a no brainer in your kitchen and any other room for that matter.

There you go, some simple, money saving ideas to a functional yet stylish eco friendly kitchen

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