Yard Cooling With Patio Shades And Accessories

Many homeowners curse the weather during summer months and look to find ways to cool down the home. The most obvious is to put in a central air conditioning (AC) system but actually is only a small piece of a better, more comprehensive fix. Air conditioners are expensive to install and run. Moreover they do not get at the root problem, which is controlling how much heat enters the house in the first place.

The better solution is to add outdoor shades and other types of cooling accessories which help the air conditioner do its jobs. Adding an outdoor shade accomplishes two goals. One, it cools down the exterior of the house so that there is more useable space. An air conditioner cannot do this job. Two, it cuts down on the light that filters through the window and subsequently heats up the interior of the home. There are other kinds of exterior cooling devices.

One of these is the outdoor mister. It is essentially a pipe system that sprays a very fine mist over the area. An outdoor mister used properly can lower the ambient temperature of the exterior by more than 10 degrees, which is amplified and sustained by the use of shades. Often times, to increase the evaporative cooling effect of outdoor misters, one installs an outdoor misting fan also that blows over the affected area.

There are three types of outdoor patio shades in major use for home.

An exterior patio canopy is essentially a large-version of a tent. There are two parts to the tent-like structure of a canopy: a sturdy scaffold and a section of canopy fabric that is covers it. It is important to block out sunlight coming from the top so there is always a shade material roof. However, putting up shade material for the walls is not vital, according to whether the canopy owner is more worried about privacy or more circulation in the canopy.

Patio awnings continue to be a common thing to see for most people who have strolled on a street lined with shops. They are the overhanging shades that shield store entrances and display glasses. Residential awnings have seen a wave of inventive progress in last few decades. One can purchase motorized and retractable awnings that are opened by remote control. One can get both unpowered and automatic retractables. The automatic types are driven by motors, which are managed by remote control. High-tech detectors self-retract in the event of high wind or strong rain.

A patio pergola is an unassuming shade made of wood that is supported by four or more posts in a square configuration. Rather than hold up shade fabric, it bears wooden bars that give incomplete shading and some sunlight. A related outdoor shade to the pergola is the garden arbor. The arbor is smaller in size, much simpler in construction, but cannot shade many people at once. In recent times it’s largely a decorative element of the garden.

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