Wrought Iron Decor Works For Home or Garden

The look of wrought iron enhances the home and garden area. This has become very popular in the last few years and the look is so unique. Outdoors can be brought indoors and vice versa. There is no wrong way to decorate when using wrought iron.

Wrought Iron Indoor Decor

Decorate your home with the beautiful pieces of wrought iron that are available today. When it comes to the living area of your home, the pieces can be anything. From the depiction of a beach scene to the mountains this iron is used to make wall decor. Craftsmen have perfected this art to cut and shape the wrought iron into anything you can imagine. Wrought iron lamps, candle sconces, wall décor, shelves, magazine racks and coat racks are all part of the décor that can be used to enhance the home.

Wrought Iron Clocks

A wonderful idea for any home is a wrought iron clock. Perfect for gift giving, they are available in all sizes and shapes. From huge wall clocks for the large home to smaller versions for apartments, the variety is one that will add to the beauty of your home. Not only do they show the ultimate in good taste but wrought iron has a style all its own.

Wrought iron mantle clocks and table clocks are another style of this particular type that looks great in any room. The blend of the wrought iron with old style furniture or modern shows a professional décor that you will enjoy for many years. This is a special and thoughtful gift giving idea as well. If there is someone on your list you find difficult to choose a gift for, this can be the perfect solution.

Wrought Iron Magazine and Wood Racks

Everyone will enjoy a wrought iron magazine rack. Not only will they keep your magazines organized but they will add a great look to your living space. There are many styles from which to choose. Some are made of a combination of wrought iron and wood. This is the perfect look for a home that uses a lot of wood furniture décor. The combination can be one of light wood or dark wood. This will vary depending upon your tastes.

Shelf Brackets & Coat Bars

One of the great aspects of wrought iron is their use for shelf brackets. There are many styles and they can be as elaborate or as plain as you want them to be. The brackets compliment the wood they are paired with to give your shelves a unique and fantastic look for holding all your knick knacks, candles and photos of the family. Another great thing about the shelf brackets is the ease of installing. Simply measure where you want to put them, attach one shelf to small areas or several to large areas for a beautiful decorating statement.

Coat bars are another great way of providing a convenient place for hanging coats and hats. They can be used in the entranceway or your laundry room because not only can they be used for coats and hats for the winter but as a place to hang them out of the way in the summer. How many times have you wished there was a convenient place for hanging your children’s backpacks? They can also be used for this and they are readily available when they are ready to head out in the morning for their day at school.

Kitchen and Garden

For the kitchen, a look that will be in style for many years is wrought iron. There are spice racks, shelves for displaying your kitchen décor, cup hangers and hanging racks for your pots and pans. Wrought iron plant holders are one great way of displaying ivy and various other hanging plants. Either in the kitchen or the garden, this is a timeless look.

They are also great for gift giving. Someone on your list would love one of the plant holders and a pot of ivy to place in their garden. With the decorating of garden walls becoming a great place to display your wrought iron, there are baskets, wall art and various solar lights made with wrought iron fixtures.

Wrought Iron Wall Art

No matter if it is fleur-de-lis or flowers, wrought iron will be the perfect wall art for your home. Adding a charm that is not often found in other types of wall art, this look is a timeless and beautiful look to enhance your walls. Skilled craftsmen model this ‘made in America’ home décor as a unique blend for your style preferences.

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