Wooden Doors Are The Key To A Home Renovation Revolution

Home improvement is worth big bucks, not only in bank holiday sales at DIY superstores, but also on television with home improvement shows. There have been a plethora of offerings over the last few years, from the hilarities of DIY SOS to the ever prancing delights of Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen in Changing Rooms. The emphasis used to be on renovation and decoration to fill a properties potential and get massive amounts of money for it on the housing market. Property Ladder especially was targeting a do it up and get rich quick audience that was making the most of rapidly increasing house prices.

In light of the recent economic crisis, the call for home improvement programmes that can help you increase the value of your house has diminished. Instead, there have been a new wave of shows that advise on how to do up your gaff to make it more comfortable to live in, and a bit more like home. These programmes have been focussing on space saving storage, utilising formerly unused areas, such as a loft space and classic de-cluttering. As with all aspects of the media circus, they appear to be making a song and dance out of what is essentially a simple case of decorating, and what regular Jones’s have been doing for the last ten years.

Home improvement is in instinctive process if you are decorating your own home for you to live in, and not attempting to milk some cash cow. One of the easiest ways to give a house a facelift is by returning a house to its original glory by installing original fixtures and fittings sourced from reclamation yards, auction sites or made to order. Wooden doors for example were stripped from many Victorian abodes in an attempt to modernise aging properties. Unfortunately this only served to make the high ceilinged town houses look like a mish-mash of eras under one roof. These doors did not disappear off the face of the earth though; they have been collected and stored for safe keeping, by what I can only assume are the gatekeepers of wooden antiquities.

A visit to any household reclamation yard is like a Victorian graveyard to fixtures and fittings, with wooden doors leaning alone and dejected against the walls. It is our duty to free these items and return them to their rightful place, and return the places they came from to their former glory. A renovation revolution is afoot and thanks to the tightening of purse strings due to the credit crunch, we can’t afford to make interior decor faux pas.

The wooden door is a classic example of items that should be reclaimed and put to their intended use. Wood not only warms a house aesthetically, it is a natural and effective protector from drafts and the cold and dark winter nights. Glass doors, which did become popular make a house feel cold, and works very efficiently to harness coldness from outside and transfer it to the inside.

The sleek and clean effect that glass doors give work wonderfully if renovation is for the purpose of a quick sale based on a lick of paint and strategically placed scatter cushions. However, for a house that is a home, wooden doors have character, style and practicality; and finally these are they qualities that are being given priority in the home renovation TV revolution.

Dominic Donaldson is an interior decorating expert in the home improvement industry.
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