Window Treatment Ideas

A room does not always need a new paint or new furniture to transform its ambiance and create a new mood in the process. Believe it or not, with just a little bit of furniture rearranging and attention to details on your windows, you can be looking at practically a different room. For instance, putting on cornices give your windows height and structure. Adding indoor shutters can give your windows depth as installing blinds give them volume. The most obvious, and by far the most fun, treatment for your windows is dressing them up with curtains and draperies. They simply make your windows stand out in the entire room. They also come in a myriad of different shapes, sizes, lengths, patterns, colors, texture, and fabric. By all means, express your creativity and show your personality with the way you dress up your windows. Here are some window treatment ideas to give your windows a make over:

1.An adorable sari that goes well with the color of your room can be used as drapery for your bedroom window. Of course, you do not want your guests to see your clothes hanging in your living room window so keep the sari in the confines of your bedroom unless you will actually use it to cover your body.

2.Sarongs come in vibrant colors and loud patterns. They will look good as curtains on relatively small windows. They might not look good on the windows of your living room, office, and bedroom but they can add color and style on your bathroom and kitchen windows.

3.Putting wooden blinds or shutters on windows in a room where either the floor or the walls are wooden can make the place feel stuffy and tasteless. Accentuate instead with a touch of fabric to soften up the place.

4.For rooms with carpet flooring and wallpaper, wooden shutters or wooden cornices contribute a wooden sophistication to the space.

5.It is easy to overdo the treatments on your windows. If your windows are beautiful in its unadorned state, opt for minimal and subtle window treatments. Try not to cover up the effort that was put into customizing these windows.

6.If the room has already a lot of patterns on its walls, choose a simpler and more subdued color for your curtains and draperies. By doing so, you are creating balance and harmony within the space. On the other hand, rooms with plain walls look good with curtains that have pronounced prints and patterns.

7.To make your windows pop out, have your treatments in a color complementary to the color of the room. You may want to inspect the color wheel for this or you might as well consult an interior decorator for opinions and fresh ideas.

8.Rooms that get too much sunlight are very good candidates for window shade installation. Wooden shades go well with windows that have wooden moldings.

9.Cornices are practical for housing the curtain rods and they add elegance to your draperies. Have them in a much darker shade than your wall but make sure the color of your cornice and your room belong to the same palette.

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