Why Kitchen Lighting Is So Important When Remodeling

Kitchen lighting must allow you to move around space safely. You can make use of miniature track lights or strips of low voltage lights. Kitchen lighting requires that we pay attention to glare, shadows in order to make this room both functional and enjoyable. Avoid using a single light fixture in the center of the room as your task light or you will always be working in your own shadow. Kitchen lighting can be a lot of fun to tackle. Almost any part of the kitchen can be lit, including some areas we wouldn’t normally think of to add lights to.

Kitchen lighting must provide safe task lighting as well as security lighting at all hours of the day and night. Kitchen lighting is not just about necessity. It is about comfort, radiance and efficiency.

Create the proper atmosphere and see yourself in the best light. Today’s kitchens and baths reflect our changing lifestyles. Creating kitchen lighting designs can be a challenging and fun task. Some people leave it up to the professionals.

Chandeliers are the key for overhead lighting and the creation of unique themes, from hunting lodge style antler chandeliers to the seaside cottage style seashell chandeliers to gothic style wrought iron chandeliers. Another way to add a unique touch is with a wall sconce; whether its a beautiful bamboo wall sconce, a porcelain sconce or the simple plug-in wall sconce, these classy fixtures offer convenient, out-of-the-way methods of lighting a space. Chandeliers seem to be gaining in popularity, for some extra sparkle and glamor.

Task lights should go over an island, sink, countertop, stove or any other important work areas in your kitchen. Having your task lights set on separate on/off switches will keep you from using too much energy in the room. Task lighting aims to brighten a particular workspace, whether its the kitchen counter or a desk in the home office. And accent lighting is used to highlight a specific piece of decor, whether its fine china inside a cabinet or a piece of artwork on the wall. Task lighting needs brighter lighting, approximately 50 to 75 foot candles. The size of the room will also affect the ambient lighting, requiring either brighter bulbs or additional fixtures as the space increases.

Task lighting often under wall cabinets or above the island, is a must – although it’s often tempting to eliminate the added expense. There also must be a light over the sink and some type of general lighting. Task lighting focuses more intense light on work areas. Make sure that you place switches for task lighting near the working areas.

Recessed lights can, of course, be installed in any room of a property to provide inconspicuous lighting and an even lighting pattern within it. Whilst most recessed lighting is fitted into ceilings; it can also be fitted into walls, under cabinets and even in staircases to create some truly stunning effects. Recessed incandescent lights above counters can provide good task light especially if limited “spot” lighting is required. Most of these fixtures now accept CFLs.

Pendants and sconces not only create balance, but their simplicity can be stunning, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere. Finally, also consider the flexibility of your lighting meaning; use multiple controls with dimmers to control mood and atmosphere. Pendants and under cabinet lighting provide task or direct lighting. Rope or linear lighting can provide soft accent lighting when placed around the top perimeter of the kitchen cabinets.

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