Why are Garden Accessories and Clothing so crucial?

As with all actions there is always suitable equipment to take into evaluation before simply stepping out of the house and into the garden for some work. Whether you are working on a flower garden, a vegetable garden or a traditional Ornate garden it always pays off to have the right garden accessories and clothing to help keep you and your equipment protected.




Clothing is perhaps one of the first things you need to think about. Wearing any ordinary shirt or jacket will not keep you safe from all the pokes, scratches and obtrusions that plants and gardening equipment alike may deal to you. A lot of natural thorns can pierce right through a thick sweater for example. The first thing you will want to invest in is a decent Fleece Jacket. These jackets are double layered polyester jackets so they are warm, comfortable and protective against all the different hazards of a garden. The United Kingdom is just not one the warmest places to garden in the winter months so you will want to keep warm. A cold and wet Gardner is not usually a happy one.


You will want to pair the fleece jacket with a pair of gardening trousers or a good hat or balaclava to keep your head warm as well.


Kneelers and Knee Pads


When you are out gardening you can anticipate to be on your knees a lot. This is mainly because you’ll have to get down low to the ground in order for you to be able to till the soil, aerate small areas and whilst you are planting out your flowers and seeds.


You have two main options available for you here: you could choose to purchase knee pads that you wear around your knees or you could invest in a kneeler (you can get just a kneeler cushion or one placed on a stand with handle bars). Both the kneeler and knee pads defend your knees from the rough surface of the ground as you kneel and they also function to keep your knees and legs clean from grime. They can also very effective for some types DIY jobs in the house as well.




Your hands will be the busy bees in gardening and you can expect that on occasions you may accidentally prod your palms and fingers against thorns and other sharp elements in your garden. After purchasing a decent fleece jacket and a balaclava or hat you should consider getting the best gloves on the market.


The most effective type of gloves are those made to protect your skin so that nothing sharp can harm them but are not manufactured too stuffy or thick to stop your fingers moving freely. The usual choices are between latex gloves and cotton gloves. Latex Gloves are usually the ideally suited if you are going to work around bushes or thorns and if you intend to do a lot of digging. Gloves in essence not only reduce the risk of cuts and scratches but will also reduce the occurrence of blisters and keep your hands warm.


Garden Thermometers


The usual question is why would anyone want to acquire a garden thermometer? The basic answer is that you are not looking for a thermometer just to ascertain the conditions of the weather. You are looking to ensure that the temperature is suitable for gardening, more particularly for planting seeds.


You will need two kinds of thermometers. The first is a regular thermometer that takes the temperature of the surrounding air and the other is to establish the temperature in the soil you intend to plant in.


Some seeds thrive on varying levels of heat so you need to establish whether the soil is warm enough for the seeds you want to plant. Seeds that don’t germinate because they were seeded when the soil was to cold are a waste of your finances and it can be weeks or even a few months before you know you have wasted your time and used up valuable gardening space.


Garden Tarpaulins


Tarpaulins round up the last of the important garden accessories and clothing that you will require. These are excellent at protecting your large garden machines and tools and can also be used to protect tilled soil. When you expect heavy rainfall it is advisable to cover your gardening area, especially if you have just tilled fresh soil. This is because you don’t want the heavy rain and the eventual sunshine to harden the earth and make it too compact or too muddy, depending on the succeeding weather.


Tarpaulins are used to protect your garden and your gear from the weather, rain or shine, so it is best to acquire at least one or two sheets when you begin your garden.

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