White Gold Wedding Rings are Still a Good Choice

White gold wedding rings became a lot more popular during World War II
when the use of platinum became restricted for military purposes only.


White gold wedding rings are made from a
mixture of gold and other metals like palladium, silver, platinum or nickel. The
white gold is then plated with rhodium which gives it that shiny, white finish
that we all know and love so much. Yellow gold has long been the traditional
choice of metal for wedding bands, but white gold is increasing in popularity
and white gold wedding rings are being chosen by couples that prefer a modern
feel and want a more modern look on their wedding day.


One of the reasons that more and more couples
are opting for white gold wedding rings is the sheer variety of styles and
design options that are available. Whether you want a simple plain band or an
intricately designed, braided or textured wedding ring, the choices are
endless. You can even have your wedding ring set with precious gem stones or
designed according to your own specifications to get a truly unique and
distinctive wedding ring.


White gold is also a perfect backdrop for
diamonds and many couples who wish to have diamonds set into their wedding
rings choose white gold for this reason. Another reason why white gold is still
a good choice for wedding rings is the price. White gold wedding rings will
cost less than the equivalent ring in platinum. So if you are looking for a
wedding ring that remains within your budget but is also modern and fresh as
well as beautiful, white gold is the right choice.


Although platinum is a more durable metal and
is stronger, a good quality white gold wedding ring will stand the test of time
and will also withstand normal wear and tear without bending or scratching. White
gold will lose its whiteness after a period of time but you can easily restore
white gold to its original lustre by having it re-plated with rhodium. This is
an inexpensive job and should ideally be done every 1-2 years.


In summaryArticle Search, white
gold wedding rings
are a perfect choice if you want to remain in budget
and the majority of people cannot tell the difference between white gold and
platinum just by sight. Using white gold for your wedding rings is still a good
choice and every couple is sure to find white gold wedding rings that suit
their tastes as well as their lifestyle.

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