What’s the Deal With Butterfly Marketing 2.0?


Back in 2006 Mike Filsaime launched the original Butterfly Marketing Course. It was a huge hit and many saying it was a game changer. The purpose of this software is to force Internet Marketers to use viral marketing strategies they never thought of using before. Things like One Time Offers (OTO’s) and upsells. Sure the smart Internet Marketers were already doing this but a vast majority of marketers didn’t even know anything about Viral Marketing back then. This was all done through special software that did all these things for you. I can attest to the fact that a lot of people earned a lot of money by using this software, and still do to this day.The concept of Butterfly Marketing 2.0 comes from the theory that when a Butterfly Flaps its wings, it causes a tiny change in the state of the atmosphere. So over time what the atmosphere could have done it won’t do now because of little changes caused in the atmosphere by all the daily activity that goes on inside of it. So indirectly for example, a small butterfly could prevent a tidal wave. How this applies to Internet Marketing is that small changes you make in your business today could have drastic future effects on your business.A good example of Viral Marketing was Hotmail. They ended up acquiring hundreds of millions of users without spending a penny for advertising. Microsoft eventually bought them out. All Hotmail did was give away free email accounts. This was big back when the Internet first started. People loved the idea of sending web based email free. Another great example of Viral Marketing was Mark Joyner’s release of Search Engine Tactics back in 1997.It had millions of downloads over the course of it’s life. And then Yanik Silver’s Autoresponder Magic. I remember reading once where Yanik wished he would have tracked that ebook before it started proliferating all over the place. I also once released an ebook called Gary Shawkey’s Secrets, and it’s still on thousands of websites to this day.The power of Viral Marketing is what made Mike Filsaime rich and started his career. And Butterfly Marketing 2.0 will end up incorporating a lot of these Viral Marketing Tactics as well. What makes Butterfly Marketing 2.0 different from the original version is that it will include a lot of upgrades for Twitter and Social Media. I read Mike Filsaime’s Twitter posts all the time and notice he is a big fan of Social Media. When you use this product it will be via a Software Interface with printed material you can also study.Mike Filsaime is an expert at conversions, meaning from the time someone visits your website to the time they actually order the product, he’s very familiar with how things should be from start to finish. He’s also an expert at teaching others how to do the same with his course material. We heard he’s giving 5,000 free copies of Butterfly Marketing 2.0 away but we’re not sure how long that will last. It cost Mike Filsaime $75,000 out of his pocket to prepare these 5,000 packages for release, and you’ll be able to get this free until they are gone. Knowing him they’ll be gone quickly.

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