What is Antler Lighting?

So you have done some remodeling and have decided to have that rustic themed decor. This is a great choice when you are seeking that dominant outdoorsy look. To perfect that design you need some “hard to find” accents, some conversation pieces, if you will. The perfect selection is antler lighting. This type of lighting will compliment any room that has the natural wood and soft tones décor. Antler lighting includes sconces, lamps, chandeliers, and lighting in ceiling fans. This type of lighting is definitely for those who appreciate unique selections.

Any type of antler lighting is sure to stand out and be the ideal accessory for the look you are seeking regardless of which room you are decorating. Select the place that you want to add the lighting so you know what size you might want and then shop with us to find the best options. We are a reputable and trusted online shopping portal, only offering quality and affordable options.

Antler lighting has been around and quite popular for years but has been seen primarily in log cabins and lodges. This is no longer the case and manufacturers have brought forth some really great designs that work in homes and in any room in the house. It is much more common to see this design in homes, lofts, and restaurants. The trend is catching on across the globe.

Not only do the antler lighting designs differ but the types of antlers that are used will vary too due to the size. Smaller deer offer smaller antlers, which in turn make smaller lighting pieces. These are better for the smaller rooms and decorating needs. If you seek something larger then you will likely want elk or moose antlers because they are big and create very striking pieces designed for big spaces and pinnacle ceilings.

Antler lighting no longer symbolizes the male hunting ensemble and is being used for family homes, outdoor pool areas, finished basements, and so much more as accent lighting. While this type of accent lighting does have that raw and woodsy feel to it, it also offers a lot to the space. This kind of accent lighting is often entwined with pine or cedar and made from wrought iron or timber. There can be single tier lighting or double tier, both are equally exquisite.

You no longer have to wait until you are at a cabin to experience the rustic mountain adventure. You can bring that look right into your home and enjoy the western glow every day. The vintage look is simply amazing and one you will not tire of soon.

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