What Are The Benefits To Having A Vegetable Garden

For those of you who love gardening, then growing your very own vegetable garden from home is a fantastic hobby. For those who would like to get fresh and safe food harvested from your own sources, then growing a vegetable garden is a very viable way to ensure the quality of the food you get. You can avoid the artificial chemicals and pesticides that are usually sprayed on farm food produce.

Besides the two benefits mentioned above, growing your very own vegetable garden is a way to save money. With just a small investment of less than a hundred dollars, you can reap more than several hundred dollars worth of vegetables and fruits. With the current economic climate, this is a great way to save money and also provide organic home-grown food for your family.

According to statistics, more and more families in the United States are growing their own food produce from vegetable gardens. This number is increasing and has been over the past few years. Some common queestions people might ask is what kind of fruits and vegetables are being grown and which are the best for their vegetable garden? Let’s take a look at the few popular choices that are grown by various families.

Tomatoes are currently the most popalar vegetable grown from vegetable gardens in the United States. The reason for this is that they grow easily and can thrive under harsh conditions. It also does not require special or constant care and can harvest well. The key here is to relieve at least four to five hours of sunlight per day and it will be sufficient enough to grow the tomatoes.

You can either buy them as small plants from stores or grow them from tomato seeds. Though for seeds it should be grown indoors first for about eight weeks before transplanting them outdoors.

Another popular fruit or vegetable that is often grown in vegetable gardens is squash. It is a popular choice due to it’s effort-yield ratio. One can often harvest large amounts of squash easily and it can be enough to feed several people at once. Among the varieties of squash one may choose from, the summer squash like zucchini is a favorite. During winter times, growing the acorn is recommended due to it’s ability be stored away for long periods of time in dark and dry places.

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