Western Metal Art and Metal Art Western Tips Overview

One of the most enduring images of the Old West is that of
the town blacksmith.  While his main work
was in making horse shoes and farm implements, he also did the occasional metal
art work for some of his biggest clients. He made thing like wrought iron signs
for ranches, and for those who could afford it and had an artistic bend of
mind, a few decorative items for use in the home.


Today western metal art is a genre in itself with both large
companies and individual artists offering all kinds of metal art work designed
to give your home the feel of a ranch house, even if it is in New York. With a
range of themes from traditional cowboy home décor to the nostalgia of something
you remember seeing in your grandparent’s home, western metal art is making a
big comeback. A few accessories can change the tone of your house or apartment
or even just a single room into something different and nostalgic.  With the materials and fabrication techniques
available today, you have a choice between items that have the rough old
fashioned finish or things made to more modern quality and finish standards but
which still convey the western theme.


Among the most popular pieces of western metal art are:

Saddles and harnesses with intricate metal inlay

Kitchen caddies with spurs,

Wrought iron picture and mirror frames

Metal candle holders

Horse shoe shaped book ends

A great favorite is the barn star. Thought to
bring good luck and prosperity, they are available in a variety of sizes,
materials and finishes with various mounting and hanging options.

Names plates and welcome signs designed to give
the western look


Western metal art also makes for great gift items. Whether
it is a house warming gift or a personal present, there is a range of western
metal art to meet your needs. Personal gifts can range from large gifts for the
home to small personal items like western themed specially made money clips,
business card holders, key chains etc.


The range is huge and is limited only by your imagination.
Anything of western origin that catches your fancy can either be bought of the
shelf or can be made for you on commission. An internet search will produce
hundreds of retailers and commission artists.


When looking for getting art specially made to your design,
search for not just dealers or manufacturers of western metal art, but look for
the specialty areas like art relating to cowboys, ranch life, the Southwest,
horses, the rodeo and so on. People who deal in these super specialty areas
will be extra knowledgeable on the subject of their specialization and will be
able to guide you in finalizing your design and the materials to be used.
Having a bronze barn star painted black will never look as good as a black
wrought iron one.


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