Western Light Fixtures for Unique Home Decor

Why not indulge the cowboy or lone ranger in you? You don’t have to live in the wild west or even know how to ride a horse. Instead, simply surround yourself with western style. Western light fixtures, furniture and accessories can convey a rustic, outdoorsy charm and appeal.

Western home decor, including western light fixtures, is characterized by the use of rustic materials like wrought iron and leather. They may be aged to look weathered. Colors tend to be darker and warmer. Hues of red (ranging from yellow to orange to dark red) are used frequently to convey the idea of a western sunset. Other colors include earth-tones like browns, beiges and blacks. Wood stains tend to be dark: deep brown and mahogany is common. Natural items play a big role in Western home decor. Rock, wood, metal and bark are common elements in a Western-themed interior.

Western light fixtures use one or more of these design elements to convey a sense of authenticity. Light fixtures can be used as subtle additions that complement the room around it. Light fixtures may also be a focal point. This is particularly true of light fixtures that incorporate artful motifs. Western light fixtures may comprise an artist-designed outdoor scene featuring forests, wildlife, horses or cowboys. Western light fixtures come in various styles that will suit any room in the house. Start with just one room, or re-decorate an entire home in a western motif with these light fixtures:

* Chandeliers. Forget crystal. Western chandeliers are works of art in metal, glass and even wild-game antlers. In fact, antlers have been used for hundreds of years for fashioning light fixtures. Of course, the earliest versions used candles instead of light bulbs. Chandeliers featuring outdoor motifs work great in entryways and dining rooms. Antler chandeliers make a catchy addition to a rec room, game room or home bar. Choose flickering light bulbs that mimic candle light for extra authenticity.

* Sconce lights. Sconce and wall light fixtures add ambiance to any decor. Fixed with a western motif, sconce lights are beautiful as well as practical. Try a metal sconce instead of the traditional frosted glass. Extra adornments like leather and wood add to the western feel.

* Lamps. Lamps are always practical because they can be moved easily when necessary. They can provide more direct light to parts of a room where it’s really needed. They also create mood when overhead lights are turned off. Western-style lamps may be made of wood, wrought or brushed iron or metal, and even real horse shoes. Lamp shades may be accented with rawhide or leather.

* Ceiling lights. Even ceiling lights can contribute to the western feel of a room. Frosted glass with outdoor elements convey a more formal picture. Wood and metal components and western motifs create a more casual, cabin-like atmosphere.

Western light fixtures help to create a room that is cohesively-themed. They will tie your western home decor together to make a picture that is warm and inviting. Your home will be reminiscent of days when gallant cowboys rode gracefully into the sunset.

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