Western Decorating Ideas For Your Kitchen

If you are into the Western decorating theme, you can have a lot of fun using it to decorate your kitchen. In fact, you can take one element of the theme and go crazy with it. For instance, one Western decorating idea is to focus on a Western object like some cowboy boots or a cowboy hat. You can even combine elements and use both of them as your central decorating theme.

You can find all types of decor in the Western decorating theme. Try looking for cookie jars or other ceramics that you can sit out on your counter for an interesting effect. Also look for western themed curtains and light switch covers. One fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon is to scour the local antique shops for Western themed decor. You’ll be surprised at the interesting items you can find! You can use browns, red, navy, or cream to pull in the Americana theme to the mix as well.

One great way to pull off the theme is to also look for accents made of unfinished wood. You can often find tables and chairs that actually look like they were made with unfinished logs. These are perfect for a Western decorated kitchen. In addition, you can use photo frames that look unfinished and put pictures of your family or of western mountains and hills in them. You can also find many items made from tree branches or logs as well as items made from deer antlers and items covered in cow hide (either faux or real!)

Another great thing to use is copper or black iron accents. You can get away with either of these. If you have a pot hanger over your kitchen island, you should try mixing both copper pieces and cast iron pieces. In addition, you can even use cast iron skillets or pans as wall decor and hang them accordingly. And don’t forget pot holders, tablecloths and dish towels made with Western theme fabrics.

Try your own Western decorating ideas in your kitchen to see exactly what works for you and what doesn’t. The Western theme is perfect if you love to constantly feel like you are the “Wild West” or in a log cabin. It can look great in any home if you are consistent with the decor. Using Western style accents on the counters, window treatments, floors and walls will help pull the look together and make you feel like you are rustling up grub for your cowhands on a Western ranch even if you are living in a modern city home!

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