Western Decor – Achieving A Rustic Look With Natural Stone

One item you’ll find abundantly used in western decor is natural stone. Just skim the internet and you’ll find pictures and ideas for a wide variety of uses, including outdoors in streams, walls and more, plus indoor uses too.

Although many people don’t think of using stone indoors, there is a wide variety of creative ideas for your interior spaces by decorating with this natural material. It’s a perfect option to add that western theme on a low budget, since you can use stones found anywhere outdoors and therefore, not have to pay to purchase them. Do you want to know how to start? Here are some ideas…

1. Add a mishmash of small stones to a wooden bowl as a centerpiece to a coffee table or shelf. Better yet, use a variety of stone sizes with many different bowl sizes, creating a grouping of bowls. This could be used on your dining room table or server.

2. If you have silk flower arrangements within your interior spaces, place flower pots on flat stones. Be careful not to use this idea with live plants, as watering without a saucer to catch the water will damage furniture.

3. Mound a pile of stones in a decorative way, ending with a flat surface at the top. Place a western accent such as a sculpture or other western artwork on top.

4. Create a stacked stone wall to enclose a small display area resembling walls found outdoors. However, try to keep the wall to the scale of the room or area. Too large and it will overwhelm, too small and it will not make the impact.

5. Create an art piece by gluing interesting and different looking stones to backing and framing them in a wooden frame. This artwork can then be hung on the wall. Get creative with the frames or add curious looking leaves in the display.

6. Any glass jar makes a great holder of stones. arrange jars in various shapes and sizes on any shelf.

One of the most common uses for stone is in outdoor landscapes. Indeed, you may have thought of this before. A stone wall can really enhance the western theme of any space. Use dry, stacked, flat stones, or purchased ones that are real or fake. All styles are great and can be suited to a large number of tastes and styles matching almost any type of home. Here are some ideas for landscaping with stone:

1. One of the simplest walls for average homeowners with limited skills is dry stacked stone walls. These structures require no mortar or cement to hold them in place. Simple begin with a LEVEL bottom layer and continue going up, stacking stones together as snugly as you can. You won’t be able to get them perfect but that’s alright. This type of wall can be time consuming but it’s worth the effort.

2. Using natural stone, construct a mortared stone wall for a more permanent look. This can be done by homeowners, but it’s a little more involved. It may be beneficial to hire a pro for this task.

3. Build a rock garden by placing larger sized rocks within your planting beds at varying levels, creating smaller planting areas within the larger space.

4. A technique that’s not used all that much, but should be in my opinion, involves using river stones – purchased rounded stones – and building a dry river bed. River stones are differently shaped due to their erosion by water so finding them everywhere in nature is not possible. Stack them in the form of a dry river bed, along a slope and you’ll create a distinct landscape feature.

5. Create many other styles of walls or other stone accent items by using purchase faux stone products from your local home improvement store. Many styles are available with pictures and samples of their uses.

These examples are only a very small sampling of what can be accomplished. I will say though, that using natural stone is a sure-fire way to get the real western decor theme in your home or cabin.

Chuck B. is an avid enthusiast of the American west. For more of his ideas, check out Western Decor.Org.

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