Western Decor – A Feeling of The Wild West

Western decor is the perfect choice for anyone who loves the outdoors, riding horses, and gazing at a beautiful sunset on the horizon. Even if you don’t live on a ranch, you can still enjoy the feeling of wide open spaces and fresh air by decorating your home is this inviting style.

Many of us enjoy the old movies with stories revolving around cowboys and their horses. The feeling is nostalgic, and brings to mind a time when life was enjoyable and more relaxed. Men worked on the farm or ranch, baling hay, fixing fences and feeding the cows and horses, while women worked in the garden or enjoyed cooking a big meal.

These days, life is much more hectic. Accessorizing your home in western decor can help bring back that feeling of long, lazy days when life was full of simple pleasures. When you return from a hard days work, you can feel the stress flow from your body when you return home to a look that is comfortable, relaxed and inviting.

Leather and wood furniture are the perfect background when you choose western decor to accent your home. Using wall mirrors, horse figurines, clocks and candleholders in this theme will add rustic color and charm. Imagine a figurine of a cowboy sitting around the campfire – doesn’t that bring back the good old days?

Add a few throws and rugs that are boldly colored in stripe or southwest patterns, and your room is complete. If you have ceilings with exposed wooden beams, this adds even more to the look. Whether you are a cowboy or an accountant, this look will make your home the place where you long to relax and spend time with your family at the end of the day.

Are you ready to decorate your home in a unique style that will take you back in time, when things were much simpler? A house is just a house, but you can make yours a home you will love by adding a touch of western decor.

Bring back the days of total relaxation and enjoyment with western decor !

Tess Tackett
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