Wedding Decor Ideas

Deciding on your wedding theme is an important part of wedding planning. Whether you’ve known the kind of wedding you want since you were a little girl, or you are deciding now, there are many themes to consider making your special day even more special. The theme will help determine the wedding decor and will make many phases of wedding planning go more smoothly.

There are many fun themes to choose from. Garden party and outdoor wedding themes are popular in the warmer months. The wedding decor for an outdoor wedding will involve many flowers and even fruit centerpieces. Creating the perfect tone for this wedding involves many wonderful scents and bright colors. Another popular theme to consider is a Mediterranean theme. With decor consisting of lavender, wildflowers, lemon, and rich colors, this theme can be refreshing and delightful for everyone.

For the bride that wants a fairy tale wedding, a princess theme might be perfect. Rich hues of gold, purple, and pink might make up the wedding decor of this special occasion. She will have a dream wedding come to life with a princess wedding. A great idea for summer weddings might be a tropical theme. Decorating with seashells and tropical flowers will create a bright and fun occasion.

You can even create centerpieces of water-filled bowls and floating hibiscus. To add to the tropical element, tiki torches can also adorn the reception area. For some extra fun, you might choose a Vegas themed wedding. From casino-themed receptions to chapel-inspired ceremonies, there are many ways to cater the wedding decor to this theme.

Whatever theme you decide on for your big day, your wedding day is sure to be a dream come true. From the ceremony to the reception, there are many details to work out with regard to wedding decor and other details.

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