Washers and Dryers That Are Decorating Accessories?

Nothing can depress a home owner more than a huge pile of washing that needs to be cleaned…urgently! Most people would rather do most other things than do the laundry – it can just feel like such a tedious job can’t it? It’s the same for washers and dryers in houses. Because they’re associated with housework most people would never think of them as décor accessories of any kind.

The most interesting brand would no be the new Kenmore designs that are simply adorable! They come in pumpkin yellow, beautiful blue and charming champagne colors that would liven up any laundry day. They were even designed with pedestals that make reaching for them an easy job. You can choose a color that can coordinate well with your theme. Although you might have some decorating drawbacks with the blue and yellow, I bet you would find the champagne safe enough for almost any home color scheme. Next in line would be the LG and Whirlpool washers. Most front loaders come in more interesting designs compared to top loaders, so watch out for these when you’re scouring the stores. An added bonus of these versatile sets is the fact that they include child safety gadgets to prevent any kind of tragedy.

If you’re totally dreaming of this concept already I bet you’re now wondering how in the world you’re going to make it fit into your living room or kitchen design. Especially for those who don’t have it as part of their room set-up yet, it can be quite a dilemma. Would you rather change the whole theme to accommodate your new machine? Don’t worry! If you want to avoid having your blue washer look like its an unwelcome guest in your majority of black and white room accessories, then add a couple of blue items too. This way, you would be able to balance out the main theme colors, tying up the whole look together!

If you happen to have a yellow washer and your couch comes in black in a setting of white walls, then place some yellow accessories such as pumpkin-colored pillows, an egg shell yellow vase, or perhaps several long-stemmed yellow roses in a white vase. One advantage of the LG washer/dryer combination is that it uses a drying device that won’t require you to connect it to a vent, so you can put it anywhere at all! Together with the Whirlpool duet, they make for an interesting white and gray mixture that matches any possible room theme!

The only potential drawback here is that if the washer is a bit noisy it won’t matter how good it looks it will still become a pain in the neck with all the noise coming from it. Lucky enough most modern washers and dryers are designed with peace and quiet in mind so they make a lot less noise than their older equivalents. Thanks to a fresh set of design ideas washers and dryers can not fit properly into your home because they no longer just come in boring old white.

A few good decorating ideas can be all you need to bring your home back to life. Why sit in a dreary home when you could get busy right now creating the home of your dreams. Get more decorating tips today. This article was provided by Jacob Ginsbrook.

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