Warming Your Bathroom this Winter

Winter is a time of year that is understandably dreaded by many. With icy conditions on the roads and countless problems caused to many of our public transport services, winter brings a plethora of troubles along with it. Freezing cold temperatures and uncomfortable travelling are to be expected whilst outdoors during this season, yet many people suffer winter’s icy embrace in areas of their own home! Ensuring your house has the ability to warm to a comfortable heat and then maintain a suitable temperature is essential whilst preparing for the winter. Nearly everyone plans ahead to ensure their house is going to be effectively heated; adding extra logs to the firewood pile, so to speak. One thing many people overlook however, is perhaps one of the worst rooms to suffer during the winter season; the bathroom!

Clambering out of a steaming shower or a relaxing hot bath to be met by a cold room, an icy floor and a damp towel is more than enough to ruin the entire experience. Your time spent in the bathroom should be about unwinding and relaxing; not franticly dashing to a warmer room. This is why we should take a moment to consider a few features you can add to effectively warm your bathroom and create an overall more luxurious whilst spending time in the bathroom.

Wall mounted heaters

Situated high up the bathroom wall, these wall mounted heaters are an effective and safe way of steadily heating your bathroom. Flicking these handy heaters on 15 minutes before you’re ready to climb into your hot bath can give the room a quick blast of warm air to take the icy edge out of the room. This can eliminate the drastic change in temperature you feel when climbing out of your hot bath.

Heated Towel Rails

A heated towel rail can add a real sense of luxury to any bathroom; the feeling of a dry, crisp and most of all; warm towel after a relaxing shower can really make a difference. It’s surprising how something as small as a warmed towel can be enough to put a smile on your face during the winter season! These handy rails can also act as radiators and contribute towards warming your bathroom if placed towards the centre of the room.

Under Floor Heating

If you are looking for ultimate luxury when adding heating to your bathroom then look into installing under floor heating; having a warm floor to step onto after your relaxing bath or shower can really bring the whole experience together. These electric and water under floor heating systems can be fitted under various types of flooring and is sure to make your bathroom your new favourite room of the house!

Written by Daniel Travis Brown on behalf of Branded Bathrooms Shower Enclosures and Home Interiors info who are the original source of Warming Your Bathroom This Winter

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