Wall Hanging Quilts – The Custom Forms of Quilting


Wall hanging quilts are excellent gift items. These are classy long lasting products used as decorative items for your home. A striking quilt adds a different dimension to the appearance of your room. Wall hanging quilts might be of varying designs and different shades. Impressions of life forms, floral designs, abstract patterns, and geometric shapes are woven with expert craftsmanship and brilliance.Quilts in general and wall hanging quilts in particular are highly specialized art forms that have distinctive appeals. Handmade quilts are a laborious job that could only be done by skilled craftsmen. It takes years of practice and experience to perfect the art of quilt weaving. In fact the finery of weaving is restricted to few communities and territories. Primarily born out of necessity, quilt weaving was never though of as a serious profession. This got recognized as an art form and a viable profession only after getting patronage of kings since the middle ages.Kings and monarchs took a special liking for these brilliant creations in weaving, stitching and knitting. Natural yarns like cotton, silk, and wool were woven painstakingly over days to create exquisite patterns in cloth. These were created in different sizes depending on its use. Bed covers, rugs, and wall hangings were the usual forms of quilts. Of the different forms, wall hanging quilts were the most outstanding. Being primarily meant for decorative purpose these were woven with the best fibers and the best craftsmen.Created over many days or even months the cost involved in designing wall hanging quilts was considerable and could only be borne by kings and princes. In many cases these were given as gifts to guests and friends. With a limited clientele comprising nobility and wealthy, wall hanging quilts never had a wide marketability. For this reason making of this variety of quilt gradually diminished.After the invention of man made fibers a surge was observed in quilt making. Compared to natural fibers artificial yarn was more durable and cheaper. Easy availability of materials at affordable rates encouraged weavers to expand their activity. Normally, quilt weaving is restricted to certain communities who have been practicing this trade for generations. There are certain geographical territories where the craft of quilt weaving is localized. With the availability of cheaper fibers, quilt making has gradually spread out to other communities. More and more artisans are learning this art for commercial reasons.With more weavers coming into this profession the availability of wall hanging quilts have risen as compared to a few decades ago. Quilts that were exclusively bought by the nobles and kings are now available in open market. Affordability of wall hanging quilts has increased its market penetration. Further the acceptance of this item as a gift among buyers has encouraged craftsmen to make these quilts in greater numbers.Nowadays governments motivate the quilt makers and supply raw materials at reduced costs and extend tax benefits. Many institutes too promote weavers and their creations hold fairs and road shows at regular intervals.
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