Wall Decorating Tips – Make Your Walls Wonder Worthy

When you move home it’s always a tough thing to do and is one of the more stressful things in life. An even tougher part of the experience is when you get to your new home and have absolutely no idea what to do with the bare walls in front of you. A house with bare walls and little or no furniture seems very echoey and cold doesn’t it? It’s only when you get to add your own touches to your new home that it really comes alive. You can start by visualizing your walls in the new shade of paint that you’ve picked for them – this will help give you that warm “homely” feeling that you’ve been missing.

Framed photos and pieces of art all do their part to enhance the beauty of your walls. Not to mention the fact that it adds character to an otherwise barren space in your home. Another great option would be creating your own wall accessories that will make your walls totally wonder-worthy! Prepare the hammer and the chisel, along with the first-aid kit (kidding)! Here we go…

Do you want to preserve old cherished mementos of your friends and loved ones? Why not create your own shadow boxes? Scavenge through your nearest neighborhood antique shop for magnificent finds! You may discover old domino or chess sets, intricately-laced handkerchiefs and other uniquely dated stuff that ultimately remind you of those good old days. They’re interesting pieces to liven up a home and to remember loved ones as well. So anytime you miss Grandma’s cooking, you can simply look at those shadow boxes and reminisce! There are not simply decorative items, they’re actually symbols of legacies that live on!

If you simply adore hand-sewn quilts and well-designed blankets, these can be possible wall decors too! This is the part where you might want the hammer and the first-aid kit around. What you need to do is to take those pieces of wood you find on your wall and drill a hole through these. After which, place dowel rods through the holes you made. From these rods you can hang your stylish quilts and blankets. It looks like your typical quilt rack, but without the domestic function though. This time it’s placed there to simply please the eye! This idea also works well for those lazy days when you just want to be in front of a cozy fire or enjoying a nice movie. Place this wall creation within easy reach so that you can conveniently grab a blanket when you feel like you need more warmth. If your list of hobbies includes sewing, then this same idea can be utilized for your work area. Have your fabrics ready and available on your wall!

If you want another idea to work with you can use vintage (or vintage looking) frames as a border for works of art you have like collages or even a small mosaic. You can use small vases or plant pots to hang flowers near your entrance; it always makes a house more “homely”.

Whatever you do with or put on those blank walls should say something about you. Showcase your creativity on these blank space and let the world see what you’re capable of.

A few good decorating ideas can be all you need to bring your home back to life. Why sit in a dreary home when you could get busy right now creating the home of your dreams. Get more decorating tips today. This article was provided by Jacob Ginsbrook.

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