Wall clocks- a easier option while decorating your homes

Clocks go a long way in being a vital ingredient in the home design and decor
recipe. Moreover, they act as a double edged sword in a nice way, displaying
time and also adding a decorative element to our Home and office. They make
perfect embellishments to the walls of our room or in any area of the house.
Most of the time, we just ignore the decorative part of them or even if we add
it to our home decor check list, we just corner them in one side of our
walls. We at For your Home have tried to give you short informative guide about
how wall clocks can be shining element in creating our better Homes and Gardens

History of Wall clocks

 History has seen that wall clocks have played an important
part in our homes. Wall clocks have been in existence for hundreds of years and
have evolved into highly attractive, accurate timepieces that are available in
any number of styles and designs from its crude beginnings. They have been
around for decades and are excellently used for both functional and decorative
purposes. Early clocks were natural progression from Huge Sundial which had a
totally natural technology of telling the time of the day based on the shadows
that the sun’s rays cast on the marked surfaces. Most wall clocks were then
evolved from sundials – in fact, some wall clocks were purposely designed to
look like old sundials. As technology changed from natural to analog,
mechanical, they became large and expensive and were usually only on large
public places like churches and other public buildings. Domestic wall clocks
began to appear in British houses in about 1600. These early clocks, called
‘chamber clocks’, were of the ‘lantern’ type or its easier meaning, brass type
because of its make from Brass. They were hung from a hook on the wall and
weights hung down below them on ropes, later chains which than evolved into the
most popular pendulums. There were up to three weights – for the time, the
striking and sometimes also an alarm. The first clocks were made of iron; later
brass became the preferred metal, often with thickly gilded dials. It took
craftsmen several months to finish one. Only the kings and queens would afford
the luxuries of these brass dials in their mansions and palaces. Then history
saw the second revolution of large scale changes. Great Britain was the first to
revamp the traditional brass dials and introduce the modern clock dials that we
have today. Painted dials, heavy work wooden wall clocks soon grew in
popularity and were produced for the use of the masses.  During this era, wall clocks started to be
used not only for timekeeping but also as decorative and commemorative pieces.
British industrialist and imperialist started to use them to mark and celebrate
various religious and cultural events and even famous sports and war victories.
Thomas Kent wall clocks right from the famous Paddington Station Wall Clock
today symbolizes the significance of these celebrations in our life. And
finally the modern day wall clocks, which are nowadays highly cheap due to mass
production and material used like plastic.

Importance of Wall Clocks in our Homes

Wall clocks are not just for keeping and telling time
either. Well definitely they are functional, but they can be stylish and fun
too. Using wall clocks is a great way to add some color, compliment your decor,
or bring a whimsical touch to any room. Themed wall clocks work excellent in
your children’s rooms. Let’s say your son has a cowboy style room. It’s very
easy today to find cowboy themed clocks with moving pendulums and you know,
your imagination is the only limit here. 
Also, have you ever run out of ideas while buying gifts for your loved
ones including children’s then wall clocks fits perfectly to that ideal gift.
Whether it a children specific themed like butterflies wall clocks or teaching
guide wall clocks to create excitement in childrens or any religious background
based wall clocks. Wall clocks can fit to any body’s interests and moods.

Various types and ranges of wall  clocks

No matter what kind of styling, color scheme, or type of
decor your home has, you will be able to locate the perfect wall clock that
will express your own, unique personality. There are a variety of wall clocks
from which to choose, whether online or from your trusted wall clocks shop. You
will be able to find a wall clock for any room in your home. You could choose a
formal style to add charm and a sense of elegance to your family or dining
room, a fun, brightly colored wall clock for your kitchen or play room, or a
modern, contemporary design to compliment any room in your home or office.
Today Wall Clock range from finished brass to different materials from
which wall clocks are made. The more common ones are made of wood, plastic,
metal wall clocks or glass. Seeing the types of Wall Clocks available today,
there are many like;

Theme Clocks: These clocks are created keeping in mind a
particular theme. They can take shapes of animals like bear, Lions and more
beautiful butterflies wall clocks , Food Shape or even a steering wheel. There
are then Sport theme clocks to support your favorite sports teams. Then there
are some historic themed wall clocks like based on famous Paddington wall
Clocks, Victoria
station themed wall clocks. Lastly comes children themed wall clocks like
teaching dial wall clocks. Whatever the theme, clock of this nature are both
amusing and fun to collect and are ideal gifts for someone you love.

Decorative/Ornamental Wall Clocks: The clocks in this
category cater to stylish design conscious people who are also concerned about
the practical use of these clocks. The numerous varieties of wall clocks
include but are not limited to elegantly cut glass case wall clocks with glass
pendulums, gold rotating pendulum wall clock ,clocks that also double as a
calendars. You will find huge range of these types of wall clocks and are not
to be missed element in home decorating process.

Religious/inspirational wall Clocks: This variety of wall
clocks usually utilize small quartz elements beautiful pictures of a religious
figures or of inspirational quotes or poems as background. The most popular
comes with Arabic or Roman numerals.

Commercial Wall Clock: These clocks are specifically built
for practical purpose with robust and sturdy features like metal case wall
clocks with white background,  24 hours
display wall clocksFind Article, and many more. These are mostly suitable in office or
professional space

We at For your Home hope that above provided  information about wall clocks will encourage
you to appreciate its presence in our Homes.

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