Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Decor!

The average person over the age of sixteen drinks at least a cup of coffee every day, except for a few who prefer tea, water, or another beverage to help wake up in the morning. Of these, a very few are really passionate about coffee, and for these it may be time to wake up and smell the coffee decor ideas for the home. There are a lot of diverse options out there, from classy, elegant additions to a sophisticated space to funny or whimsical ideas that liven up the room.

A cup of coffee can be a great way to add your passion to the kitchen. For example, choose a silhouette of a steaming cup of coffee with the name of your favorite blend or brew beneath. Examples of this include words and phrases like coffee, café, café au lait, latte, cappuccino, espresso, mocha, cup of joe, morning brew, and others. You can also take this idea and run with it, adding color, funny quotes, inspirational sayings, or morning-themed phrases to get you motivated every day.

Coffeehouse signs are also very popular additions to the kitchen or dining room. A lot of variety exists with this artistic style, such as a trendy saying on a traditional sign or a flashy sign with a picture of a cup, mug, carafe, or coffeemaker. Some have sayings on them too, such as popular coffeehouse logos or mottos, and these can be a perfect reminder of how you love to start your day or unwind with friends on the weekend. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and styles, depending on your budget and space.

Photographs of coffee or coffee-making items are sophisticated ideas. Although there are a lot of whimsical ideas for this type of coffee decor, elegant additions to the kitchen or dining room are available as well. A classic coffee pot with mugs on a rustic kitchen table adds to a traditional kitchen space, while a blue coffee carafe with rustic blue metal coffee cups on a wrought iron shelf over an open fire is perfect for cowboy-themed spaces. Along these same lines, a porcelain coffee urn with beautiful coffee cups on a lace-covered table beside a sunny window is the perfect addition to an elegant space.

Coffee beans are simple but classic additions to coffee decor styles. For instance, a glass jar full of coffee beans with a white ribbon tied around the middle looks elegant but functional. Add a splash of color with a faux flower glued to the top of the jar, such as a carnation or daisy. As a final touch, carefully use hot glue to add pearls or rhinestones to the ribbon or lid of the jar. Photographs and prints of coffee beans are also great ideas, and they are available at many different home decor stores online and traditional. Liven up the kitchen or dining room-or an office space-with fun and class that makes the space feel more personal and energetic with coffee decor.

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