Versatile Exterior French Doors Add Beauty To Your Dwelling

If you want a great way to give the illusion of bringing the outdoors into your home, try installing exterior french doors. If you use them on your patio, the doors can be left open or closed in order to give a great view and open your home up to the back yard. As entry doors, exterior French doors offer an inviting entryway into your home.

French doors are much more functional than traditional sliding patio doors. With French doors, both doors open giving easy access for moving large items in or out of the house. The doors offer greater security than most sliding patio doors. One side of the French doors can be locked using top and bottom dead bolts while the other can lock into the first using a deadbolt that requires a key to open from either side.

The doors may be made of either fiberglass or wood which surrounds the panes of glass. The wood trimmed doors can be painted or stained to almost any color. Their interiors can be overlaid with a veneer that will match almost any hardwood. Thus the doors can be made to match almost any interior decor.

Fiberglass French doors can be used to give homes a fresh and modern look. Fiberglass can also be painted any color imaginable. It is far more durable than wood and is ideally suited for climates where there may be extreme weather. These doors work well for a beach home where they are subjected to rain, wind and humidity. They also work well in areas with long hot summers and cool wet winters.

French doors are available in custom sizes and looks. Custom doors often cost more, but they offer many options that may not be available in your local home improvement store.

The price of an exterior French door will depend on size and style as well as the number of glass panels which are included. Many home improvement stores have these doors in stock, but if your local store does not, they can easily order them for you. You can also order exterior French doors from the internet and may even find better prices for them.

Professional carpenters can easily install the doors for you. If you want a professional installation, you will need to do some checking and asking for bids on installation costs. Get several bids and ask for bids where you supply the materials as well as where the carpenter supplies the materials. With the carpenter’s discount, you may be able to save even more on the doors. Pre-hung doors make installation easy enough for most do it yourself home improvement persons that have a mid level of skill or above.

When you install any of the many types of French doors that are available, whether the pre-hung doors or custom made French doors, the installation will increase the value of your home. In addition, you will have a new way to enjoy the outdoors while sitting in the comfort of your home. By installing these magnificent doors, you can enjoy the yard, balcony or deck more than ever before. Now you can enjoy seeing outside on the warmest day of summer or coldest day of winter all from the comfort of your home in air conditioned comfort.

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