Various Decorative Factors In A Bathroom With Beach Decor

When it comes to decorating your bathrooms, there are many types of decor one can choose. It could be tropical, or western, or a certain color. The ideas are almost limitless. But of all the themes one can choose for a bathroom, beach decor can be one of the most enjoyable. It is also one of the most popular.

Why Do It at All?

For people who really love the sand, the shells, and the waves, having a bathroom with beach decor makes perfect sense. It can feel like having the beach close at hand at all times – or at least the memories of the beach, but without all the sand and sunburns.

For those who live close to the beach, having beach bathroom decor serves another purpose, as well. It can bring a bit of the outdoors inside, tying the natural world into the decorated interior.

How to Bring the Feeling of the Beach into Your Bathroom

Beach decor doesn’t have to be difficult, but there are some common elements you might want to include when you decorate your bathroom. The overriding thing to keep in mind is that whatever you bring into the space as a decorating element should exude the feeling of “beach.” Many decorative items can be found or made that fit this criteria. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Colors should be chosen that tie in with the beach theme. Generally speaking, the best colors for a bathroom with beach decor is a soft blue or aqua (like the water) and a tan (like sand). These colors can be augmented, of course, with other colors that are in the decorative elements that are in the room. For example, if the shower curtain has an aqua, a tan, and a coral color, the coral can be used else where in the room – perhaps in the decorative hand soaps.

The fabric decor elements in a beach themed bathroom include the towels (bath, face, and hand), shower curtain, bathmat, and possibly a tank and seat cover for the toilet. Each of these should be color coordinated to go well together.

Other decorative elements in a bathroom with beach decor are hand soaps in the shape of shells and artwork of the beach or shells. If you can find other decorative pieces – of common beach designs, like waves, shells, or fish, they can also be adapted to work well in this type of bathroom.

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