Valuable Tips to save Money on Your Wedding

With the way things are economically today you may be especially sensitive to the amount of money you plan to spend on your wedding. With some careful planning however you can still have the wedding you always dreamed about. “Thinking out the box” can result in a fabulous wedding at much lower cost than you may think. I will try and present some basic advice that you can use to get what you want at the price you want.

* Dont use floral arrangements as your reception centerpieces. Lets face it, flowers are expensive. They are beautiful but very costly. Think of other ways to decorate your tables. If your venue allows candles then a bowl filled with water and a floating candle makes a very attractive centerpiece at a very low cost. You can use the flat candle bowls or go to the dollar store and get the small fishbowls.

* Design your own invitations. If you can operate your computer then you can design your own invitations. There are several low cost software packages that allow you to do this easily and the end product is very professional.

* Get one of your friends to become a minister. A quick search online will disclose a ton of places that will certify you as a minister for a small fee.

* Think about using a coffee table book instead of a guestbook. It will make a wonderful addition to your decor and will be something your friends will enjoy looking at when they come over.

* Consider renting many of your items instead of buying them. Visit your local rental store and look and see what can be rented for your wedding. Common items include tables, chairs, linens, and even your punch bowl.

* Give away small treats like candy instead of favors. Whether you put them in some sort of tulle bag or just have them in large jars(with scoops and paper cups) by the exit doors. They will make a much lower cost alternative to an expensive favor.

* Ask your family and friends if they have any of the items you need for your wedding. Do not be afraid to ask if you can borrow them for your wedding. Most will feel complimented that you find their item good enough to feature in your wedding.

* Reconsider getting an expensive wedding cake. You know how much of the cake is wasted. Consider a smaller single tier cake or even cupcakes.

* Dont use a photographer. Get your friends to take the videos and find a friend with a knack for taking good pictures to be your official photographer.

* Look at different venues. State parks are great choices or even a friend who has a large backyard are great low cost alternatives.

* Dont feed your guests dinner. Have a table setup with finger foods. Something that guests will enjoy snacking on. Have your wedding scheduled in the afternoon in between lunch and dinner.

I hope that at least some the tips will allow you to have the wedding you want at the price you budgeted. Remember your wedding day will probably be the most special day of your life. Treat it as such.

Juanita Allmon is a noted wedding advisor and has many helpful hints at her website. She also creates terrific wedding centerpieces.

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