Using Yard Lights to Enhance Your Lawn

The multitude of yard lights that can be used to decorate your home, lawn, and garden is very diverse. Solar lights have become one of the hottest crazes in landscape lighting. Their popularity is not surprising when you realize these lights don’t require any electricity. The decor of the landscape lights come in a wide variety of looks from the ordinary to the very ornate.

There are lights that you can wire to your power to come on at dusk and go off in the daytime. Some of the most beautiful lights, such as the old time post lamps are used and make such a wonderful statement when added to the charm of your home. The style of this lamp is no longer limited. There are many available to fit in with the landscape and type of home you have.

There are numerous types of outdoor lighting that you should be aware of:

*Outdoor Spotlights


*Post Style Lamps

*Hanging Lanterns

*Hanging Lanterns

*Various Solar Lights

Another style of exterior lighting that is becoming popular is LED lights. LED lights burn brighter, but do not put off as much heat as contemporary lights. There are many styles and variations of LED lights that you are sure to find the perfect one.

When adding outdoor lighting be sure not to add too many. You want to create a gentle atmosphere without it being overpowering. If you are concerned about safety you may want to consider adding flood lights.

If at times you want more light in the yard than other times, you can always put your yard lights on a dimmer switch. This way if the kids want to play outside in the evening time you can shed some extra light on the yard, then return the yard to a gentle glow afterwards.

Be sure to plan how you want to do your outdoor lighting before you get started. Keep in mind which areas you want to accent, and which areas you do not want to accent.

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