Using Vinyl Raised Beds to Grow Your Own Food Year Round

It is fascinating how many young people are interested in growing some or all of their own food. As information is passed along about the processing of our food and the energy it takes to bring it to our local markets, they want to find alternative ways to help the environment and their health. One way to do this is grow your own food or eat locally grown foods as much as possible.

While space can be limited, since many of us do not live somewhere that has a lot of land to garden, we have to seek alternatives to growing our own foods. Using one or more raised beds can help reduce the amount of space needed to produce a good amount of fresh food.

There is a unique bond between the older generations that went through the depression and the younger generations of today as they are both very aware of what is happening to the world around them. It seems lack brings on this consciousness as well as innovation and good use of resources.

Having the experience of many years of gardening coupled with some of the newer technologies opens up some unique possibilities with your raised bed kits as long as you plan correctly. The one thing all the technology and knowledge cannot replace is your time and commitment to the job if gardening itself. Nothing can replace you!

One of the greatest challenges is living in the inner cities. One of the greatest things about a raised bed is you can, if you are careful, use them on stoops, balconies and decks. You need to find out the weight restrictions of the platform and use light soils to fill the bed. If the bed is too heavy, try different types of containers to create a container garden.

Use common sense when placing your bed for the fall through winter months as the sun does change position and the plants will need as much sun as they can get during this time. This will also help you with heat as well. Depending on where you live, you will need to invest in a covering of some sort. A good milled plastic will work to block out the wind and you may need to add a heater for the evenings that are below 45 degrees mark.

There are some alternative ways to heat your space that includes hot rocks, using water heated by the day’s sunlight or just heating water at night setting that in the area. No matter what you use, make sure you have plenty of clearance between the heat source and the cover. Some people also use cold frames and small greenhouses for this purpose as well.

What you should be able to take away from this article is the fact that you can grow your own food on a year round basis as long as you plan well and have the right tools and equipment. It doesn’t take a lot of money and is well worth the effort once you start harvesting those tasty veggies and herbs. Good Luck!

You can find many types of easy to install recycled raised beds or other types of raised gardening kits to grow your own food.

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