Using Garden Sheds To Get The Most Out Of Your Home

To many people a garden shed might be little more than an outdoor dumping ground for odds and ends of garden tools or household items they can’t store indoors. Little more than an eyesore, the shed sits in the garden at odds with both its surroundings and its owners. Research has shown that up to 70% of people use their sheds as a junk room.
Just a little imagination and inventiveness, however, can turn the humble garden shed into a positive asset, providing an extension to your living space that’s as attractive as it is useful. Using garden sheds to get the most out of your home takes a little money but reaps large rewards.

Garden Produce
Give your vegetable garden a head start and save money in the process by using a section of the shed as a potting area. Arrange a bench, or shelf, beneath the window to catch the most light, and use the area to bring on seeds, repot houseplants, or divide garden shrubs. The warmth of the shed will offer vital protection to seedlings until they can be planted out in the vegetable garden, and you’ll have the satisfaction of growing from seed.

Sheds come in all shapes and sizes, and if yours is large enough you could turn it into a summerhouse or a crafts area. Paint the shed in a pale, summery shade and adorn it with hanging baskets. Place colourful planters by the door and soften it’s edges with mature shrubs.
The kids will welcome somewhere to play out of the weather and it’ll give you a place for messy craft activities, such making papier mache, that won’t leave your kitchen in a tangle. Alternatively, your summerhouse can be a convenient garden area to prepare cold drinks or store summer snacks. If you run an electrical cable down the garden, you can install a small fridge or set up a television. Transporting some of your activities out to a suitably equipped garden shed expands the use you get from your home, allowing to more fully use the available space.

Home Office
Dividing work hours and leisure hours is a constant thorn in the sides of those who work from home. Having a home office that’s detached from the house provides the solution since the physical act of entering or leaving the workplace marks the beginning and end of the working period. Make sure the roof is secure and the interior walls are lined and weatherproofed, secure the door with a sturdy lock and provide some form of heating, and your garden shed is ready to be kitted out with a desk, cabinets and drawers.

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