Using Exterior Shades With Misting Systems To Cool Your Garden And Frontyard

For people living in most of the U.S., the two exceptions being the Alaska, the most northern state, and the calm, moderate state of Hawaii, summers will include a period of sweltering, uncomfortable weather that is as short as a few days to as long as several months.

During the hottest days, it becomes uncomfortable to spend time outside the house. Families with children won’t be able to spend time playing in the open air. People will find it difficult to exercise by taking walks or running. Pets and their owners will have a hard time taking advantage of the outdoors.

Hobbyist gardeners may be struck by the fact that overly intense sunshine has the effect of destroying their handiwork. While plants do need sunlight to thrive, excessively high temperatures and heat will cause them to droop and wilt. If the gardener is fortunate, the drooping is temperature and the plant will recover. Otherwise damaged plants may be lost forever.

To avoid the damaging effects of these intense summer days, home owners should consider outdoor shade solutions for their home. There are roughly three kinds of possibilities to help shade the home. One, a fixed structure that is part of the house. Two, a portable shade that can be moved to desired locations. Three, an air-temperature regulating system such as an outdoor fan or an outdoor misting system. These three may be combined also to synergize their cooling effects.

Fixed outdoor shades include gazebos, pergolas, and awnings. The awning is perhaps the simplest yet most versatile of the three. When placed over an entrance or a window, a retractable awning can cover a large area, perhaps even extending partly over the yard or garden area. The advantage of fixed structures is that they are always ready-to-use. Electronic and mechanical add-ons mean that awnings can be opened at a push of a button. The disadvantage is that the costs of such fixed outdoor shades are very high.

For those who cannot afford or cannot find time to set up the fixed outdoor shades, it’s possible to get a portable outdoor shade for a fraction of the price. The best example that everyone knows is the pool umbrella. Simple, no-frills umbrellas are cheap, but accessorized ones can command a much higher price. Two other portable outdoor shades are worth mentioning. For outdoor parties and events, a canopy tent can be easily set up and provides ample benefits to protecting participants at the events. Much smaller gatherings of people can be protected with the much simpler portable or freestanding awning.

Shading is only one aspect of keeping the outdoor or garden area cool. A temperature regulation system can work together with the outdoor shade to bring down the temperature of the surrounding area by ten degrees! The best cooling system is the outdoor misting set up. Pipes and sprays are combined to create fine, aerosolized droplets of water that aid in evaporative cooling of your home and garden. The magnitude of cooling can be amplified by using a high powered outdoor fan.

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