Using A Doctor Reviews Site – Step By Step


Doctor reviews sites offer an easy way to search for doctors. You can
get onto these websites and read other patients’ reviews, and let this
help you decide which doc is right for you. These sites are incredibly
easy to use and extremely helpful in finding the right one. Here are the
steps involved.

Start Your Search

For some of these sites, you have to make a profile to use them. For
others, you don’t. With a profile, you can save your search history and
keep profiles of doctors that you like. The profile also allows you to
go back later and leave comments about your visit. If you’re required
to, go ahead and make a profile.

The first step is to choose your local area. You can usually search by
zip code, city or country. Some sites will also let you put in a street
address and choose how many miles from your house you’d like to search.
This is really convenient for those of us who don’t get around all that
well and really want someone close-by.

Most sites will also let you narrow your search by choosing a field of
practice. This way, you only find the doctor reviews for the clinics
that you might actually visit. For example, if it’s ear, nose and
throat, you can enter that into the search field. This way you don’t
have to go through a bunch of plastic surgeons or pediatric doctors if
you don’t need them.

Narrow It Down

Once you’ve put in your local area and area of practice, hit search. It
will then give you a huge list of doctors. The next step in the process
is to narrow down your search.

Doctor reviews sites will usually list their names, locations and
sometimes pictures. You’ll usually also be able to see some sort of
rating or ranking. This shows their “score.” Everybody gets a chance to
evaluate them, and this is how well they’re doing. Use this score to
help you find a few good ones.

The score is important, but it isn’t the end-all be-all. It’s just a way
to narrow your search. When you’re using doctor reviews sites, you’re
really got to do more than just go by their ratings. You have to read
the customer comments; but the rating helps you narrow it down because
it would take forever to look at every profile.

Once you’ve got about ten or so, take a closer look at their profiles.
This is where doctor reviews sites really help. You can see more
information about them and their clinic, and also read the comments left
by past patients.

How To Read The Comments

Read the comments carefully. If someone gave them a bad rating, they
should say why. If they don’t, it’s meaningless. See what specific
points the users mention for why they rated the physician the way they
did. This is where doctor reviews sites really give us valuable
information to help guide our choice.

Finally, after your visit to the clinic, leave your own doctor reviews.
That’s the beauty of the system – it lets everyone have their say. If
they did a great job, give them a good rating and let everybody know. If
they were terrible, leave a comment saying why so that others can avoid

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