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Bushy and thorny homesteads are a thing of the past. Nowadays the yards of people with homes are constantly flushed green with innocent blades of grass peeping through the firm soil surface. But if you have a home of your own and not be able to plant a healthy lawn then you’re missing out on the potential paradise you can furnish for yourself down here on earth. Planting a good lawn doesn’t take anything more than knowing your environment; the soil structure and texture and be able to be caring when it comes to maintaining a lawn. In this article I’ll help you discover the secrets of planting grass seed.The physical conditions existing in the chosen area must not be overlooked. If conditions are not favourable with your plans it’s best to shift plans. Some prevalent conditions would be: the amount of sun that reaches the area; whether there is a lot of shade or whether it’s your children’s play area. When it’s too hot then you would have to choose a heat tolerant variety. This information will be of great use when you want to choose the type of grass to plant.With that determined it’s serious business all the way. Till the soil with any implement that goes reasonably deep enough to uproot weeds and expose dormant pests. Then go on to apply herbicides to ensure that all weeds die and your grass is left with all the nutrients to itself. Remember to water the area a day before tilling so that you maintain a good soil structure that will be destroyed if tilled dry. Stones and sticks will also have to be removed in the same process during raking.You must know the present state of the soil by carrying out a soil test. The test will show you what nutrients are lacking and what the pH levels are (acidic or alkaline). Useful information like this will then tell you what fertilizers or nutrients you must add or remove from the soil to make sure growth is guaranteed. A soil test is as easy as going to the area and digging out random samples that you take to a soil specialist.And yes, you guessed it. The nest thing is the planting process; the soil mustn’t be too wet or too dry. Sow the seed properly; don’t be too careless and don’t be too sparing. Being too generous will cause some areas to be too dense and be too sparing will give you ugly patches. Once you have planted the seed you will just have to rake it together with the soil, covering it very lightly with soil to ensure they’re not too deep to germinate. Then proceed to water the grass with a fine spray that won’t dislodge sown seeds.Eventually all you’ll have to do is keep watering the area until it is a healthy spread. Lastly, irregular germination will occur and the way to handle it is by extra sowing.Good Luck.
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