Use Outdoor Party Lights To Romanticize Your Backyard

Nothing spices up a party like some well positioned outdoor party lights. Whether subtle or bold, twinkly or dim these outdoor lights can make a big statement and really add a celebratory feel to any outdoor party. In addition, some outdoor lighting is important for safety reasons.

These lights can be relatively inexpensive. Be creative when thinking about your lighting scheme. You can use lights that are specific designed for parties or you can use other types of outdoor lighting like perhaps Christmas lights. If you are careful and the weather cooperates you can use some indoor lights outside but remember not to leave them outside over night.

Your choices are almost limitless when it comes time to plan the lighting you are going to install in your outdoor space. Some homes already have permanent outdoor lighting installed, but may want to augment this lighting with some extra focal lighting for special occasions. You can choose to add your lighting either permanently or just for a single event, or have a combination of both. Some of the fancier outdoor lighting options, like a light globe are more fragile than lighting such as rope lighting, and you may want to only bring out some lighting centerpieces when you are planning a party.

Parties that involve children or elderly people need to be more brightly lit for safety reasons. Some well placed spotlights might be able to meet all safety concerns. Pathways need to have a certain amount of light as do doorways. Another area that needs adequate light is the food and drink stations. If you have entertainment, that area should be given some extra light.

If you are looking for a very romantic effect, then consider adding some diffused lighting by adding a spotlight or string lights behind fabric or flowing drapery. The backlighting effect can create a very intimate space. Remember, not all party lighting needs to be multi-colored with a disco-ball effect! Another very romantic type of lighting is natural flame – you could line a pathway or surround a table with lanterns, and have torches lighting the entrance.

In the event you hold your party in an area near water, like at a cottage, a very nice effect is to direct two spot lights at intersecting angles out on to the water. The two intersecting beams can make a dramatic effect and also provide an element of safety. When dealing with lights near water be extra careful with any necessary extension cords. The lights and the cords should also be kept at least 10 feet back from the edge of the water.

Plan your lighting scheme in advance. Look in magazines or online for ideas. Visit lighting stores or the lighting departments of large stores like Home Depot or Ikea. Any party you decide to host can be enhanced by the use of outdoor party lights.

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