Unique Window Boxes For Residential Application For All Season

Flowers filled in window boxes is a good way to dress up your home
exterior. It does not matter if you have a small space in your area, you
can still enjoy planting flowers and herbs that will add a beautiful
accent to your home. 

How to change out window boxes by Seasons?

Flowerbox has to have drainage holes like all containers for gardening.
The main purpose is to avoid rotting of plants inside the container.
Moreover, the size of your windowbox needs to be the same width as your
window and the depth needs to be about 68 inches to allow proper and
adequate root run. Consider using good potting mix and avoid using
common soil in the garden. Potting mix, which is lighter than ordinary
soil in the garden, is always used in windowboxes and other containers
for gardening. Two third full should be the adequate volume of potting
mix to use in any windowbox or containers. Once you are done with the
basics, you can now add plants that thrive throughout the season.

Spring Window Boxes

plants that can adequately grow during this season. You can pick
pansies and to keep it blooming, remove the flowers as they fade. These
is a great choice because it blooms for a long time. Herbs are also
beautiful to use as fillers in your windowboxes. They add greenery
effect to your home exterior. 

Summer Window Boxes

heat starts to rise up, pansies can not thrive for a long time. You can
change them with pertunias and cascade them over the side because the
love the heat of the summer and these makes your flowerbox pop. Other
hot- weather annuals include verbena, dusty miller and others. Do not
forget to water you plants everyday during summer. 

Fall Window Boxes

fall comes to kick in, you should get rid of those summer annuals. They
just can not perform in this season as well. You can choose pansies as
well during this season and add good fall plants such as flowering
cabbage and kale. 

Winter Window Boxes

we are approching the holidays, why not try spruce to add the spirit of
Christmas. Junipers and bonsai pine trees will continue to spice up
your holidays too. Adding red flowering plants that can survive during
winter is the best choice to make your Christmas holidays beautiful and

matter how many times you change out plants and flowers in the
container as long as your windowbox can withstand the toughness as
season changes. When considering a window box or a planter, make sure it
lasts thoughout the year. Consider using customized window boxes that
are available online and choose the materials that can help you achieve
your goal, to have a beautiful window box for your home that fits all
flowers you like to plant and be seen beautifully on your windows. 


Custom window boxes
can be ordered through manufacturers who are dedicated to give the
services you need. Ask them the sizeHealth Fitness Articles, materials and color you need and
they will give you reasonable qoutes that will make you happy throughout
the year.

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