Unique wall decor ideas to try

Deciding on the perfect wall decor can be much harder than it looks. Today with so many options in wall decorative items, wall decoration crafts, wall decal and wall paints and textures, it can be quite confusing to think of how exactly your wall treatments should be in order for the room to really pop. It’s depressing to stare at blank walls all day long; however before you buy expensive artwork or spend too much on a neutral wall paper that is exorbitantly priced, you need to sit back and think what wall decorations will actually uplift the room. The only advice you need: The best wall decor treatments don’t fade into the background, but make a room a work of art.

So with that in mind, let us take a look at a few ideas that can turn a boring or small or extra large or badly lit or even shabby room in to an exciting retreat where you will love to spend some time every day.

* First thing – never think that expensive wall decorative items are automatically better. If you use some creativity, you can actually use something as cheap as pictures from old calendars, your child’s sketches, interesting articles from newspapers and magazines for your decor. Get a great decorative frame for them, all same if you are using them to display in a group, and create interesting visual patterns on the wall.

* Putting up photographs along with wall decorative crafts can be a great way. Think of a colour scheme- say blue or red and then use pictures with those accent colours along with some fabric swatches framed up, paintings and murals and create a colour block area on a blank white wall.

* The biggest mistake you can make is to hang any wall decorative items, whether it is kids wall decorations or some genuine artwork too high on the wall. Everything you put up should be at eye level and if you are using a cluster, the centre point of the whole arrangement should be at eye level.

* Leaving blank walls in bathrooms, study and kitchen is not a good idea. These rooms need some personalization and a way to express their character as well. If you cannot find artwork, use a smaller wall or just a patch of the wall to stick up wall decal designs. In kitchens, this could be the patch between the top of kitchen counter and bottom of overhead units. Instead of tiles, use vinyl music note wall decals or decals of something else like say fruits, vegetables of a floral pattern that also matches the curtains you have used.

* When using wall decorative items for colourful wall decor, don’t hang smaller pieces too far apart. Treat several smaller colourful pieces as one unit and then think of the best arrangement that will draw focus to this wall treatment. Play around with placement ideas and make sure that there is 2 inches of space on all sides of the picture for it to have some individual visual effect as well.

When trying new ideas for wall decor, mix and match wall decorative items. Don’t hang all small pieces together and all large pieces together – instead opt for a balance using different sizes in the same colour for each area for a better visual effect.

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