Unique Gardening Gifts for Valentines Day

During the cold and chilly month of February, the gardeners among us long for warm spring temperatures. If your Valentine is also among those who love the outdoors, why not try a different kind of gift this year that can left your loved one happy and smiling? Instead of the same old boring flowers or chocolate, we’ve got five most unique and special Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are influenced by the garden and outdoors.

An arbor or a pergola is an excellent way to add architectural detail to your yard, plus it offers an exceptional support structure for climbing plants and vines in the garden. An arbor or pergola kit is a perfect gift idea for anyone who loves spending quality time in their garden, and assembling the kit will be a fun DIY project for early spring.

Many people think a greenhouse wouldn’t make a nice surprise gardening gift. While this may be true in the case of large outdoor greenhouses, there are other alternatives as well. For the hobby gardener, go for a portable or transient use greenhouse that can be utilized on a deck or patio as required and then can be stored during the off season. An indoor greenhouse kit is another amazing gift idea, because it allows the vegetable gardener to get a good start by planting their seeds indoors long before the weather has warmed up outside.

While a compost bin may not seem like a very romantic Valentine’s gift but for an avid gardener, it’s love at first sight. Compost bin can be used to put yard waste and food scraps to produce rich, black compost, one of the most fertile substances on earth for plants. When utilised for shrubs and trees or tilled into garden soil, plants will grow faster, taller and fuller than you have ever imagined.

Patio trellises, also sometimes known as outdoor privacy screens, are amazing gifts for the gardener who’s limited on garden space. Look for a patio trellis with a self-contained base, meaning that it can be moved easily around as required. If the trellis features a planter base, you can even grow a climbing plant or flowering vine that will grow up the trellis. Patio trellises make an excellent gift for apartment dwellers who are confined to a small patio, deck, or balcony.

If you don’t think your Valentine requires any of the above mentioned presents, consider something else which is simple and durable for an instance you can go for plants! If you are familiar of a local nursery where your loved one likes to buy their seedlings and flowers in the spring, this is a wonderful choice. If you’re not sure of a local garden shop he or she likes, then go for a reputable mail order seed firm and bring a beautiful smile on his/her lips.

This festival season think creative and go for gardening items as a gifts for your loved ones Gardening gifts

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