Unequal Style Impressions With Mediterranean Furniture, Mediterranean Decor

With mosaic tiles, stucco textured walls, and wooden ceilings, Mediterranean furniture and Mediterranean decor become your style.

The colors are important, as well, like hues from the skies, ocean tones, and darker blues. Dark and light reds fit in, as well, as does the color of the terra cotta. The terra cotta has a rustic feel and often joins all the colors together smoothly. Olive green and gold finds it belongs, as well, along with the heavy wooden furniture, wrought iron black, and thick and short legs.

Darker rich colors and warmer woods are the accents of this type of furniture. The pieces can be styled simply or much more formally. The wood with iron accents produces this furniture for its casual living, with hand-painted accents, grand bookcases, and so on.

The old world churches of Spain, Italy or Turkey, often portray this style, which is derived from Marrakech, which means the Land of God. They boast the ornate designs, mosaic tiles, and wonderful deep, rich colors. A feeling of spirituality will come alive in rooms designed in this way.

The same traits are apparent in this style of furniture. The pieces may be lavish and grand. Or they may be simpler and smaller, perhaps just one or two. If accented with the appropriate accessories, it works. Throw rugs should be bright, the rounded archways welcome guests, and there may be grand columns standing proud, as well. The pieces are sometimes hand crafted and original. They look and feel rustic, like an Italian country home. The Tuscan style may also be captured in this design style.

Black or wrought iron gives the feeling of power and strength. Its richness enhances any Mediterranean decor. It may be in the form of large of smaller wine racks, which hold your precious fine wine collection. It can be in the kitchen for easier accessibility, or in the living room, where one may entertain the most. Candle holders may also be in wrought iron, as well as the hardware on cabinetry in the kitchen and in other rooms. Even banisters can boast ornate wrought iron designs. And these designs can be taken out onto the patio, where the furniture out there can also be creative and unique. The gateways outdoors may also follow suit.

Mosaic tiles are also often used in the Mediterranean style. They could be found in ancient villas and palaces. They symbolized status and those with higher taste. The designs were of Eastern traditions, as well as having Western influence. Presently, they are used in the flooring and walls of the Mediterranean home. They are also used as accents, borders, and mantel tops. And you can find them on tabletops and may also accent the wrought iron accessories and furniture.

When you combine the textured stone walls with black metal ornate accents, you have the style and beauty of Mediterranean furniture and Mediterranean decor. Add the wonderful bold, rich colors, some old tapestries and perhaps a rustic urn, and there you will have that wonderful feel of the Mediterranean home.

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