Unanticipated Uses For Loft Spaces

The loft space in your home does not have to be wasted space – it can be used in an efficient manner for a number of different purposes. Most homeowners waste the unique area of the loft – and the loft ends up being a storage space for cast-off clothing and out-of-season decorations. It really is a shame when you have this space and don’t use it properly. The tips that follow can help you to add functionality to your home by using your loft for more than just a place to put last year’s Christmas decor.

Getting Ready

There are many uses for your currently useless loft space, some big and some small, but what you can do with the loft basically boils down to your preferences and your available budget. Prior to beginning your loft makeover, you will need to measure the loft and determine a budget. If your plans will require electrical, plumbing, heating, or construction renovations, you may need a permit; check your local builder’s guidelines. And if you have a major construction plan for your loft, you may want to seek out a professional contractor. Nonetheless, there are many unique and easy to accomplish makeovers for the loft that you can do on your own, even with little DIY skills.

Hobbies or Crafts

A great use for the loft is a center for hobbies and crafts. Turning the loft into a getaway for the crafters and hobbyists in your home should not require major construction. You simply need some working space, some storage, and the supplies and equipment that you need for the hobby or craft. Hobbies like scrapbooking are more enjoyable if you have your own distinct space to spread out and work.

Child’s Play Room

For small children, the loft can be transformed into a wonderful playroom. Since the loft area typically has lots of usable floor space, it is ideal for playing with the types of toys that may take up too much room in other spaces throughout your home. Low ceilings in the loft area are not a problem for small kids.

Room for Reading

A very popular way of using loft space is to transform it into a cozy nook for reading. Add a comfortable seat, a reading lamp, bookcases, and a blanket and you have created an area in your home that is conducive to relaxing with a good book.

Walk-in Closet

Who couldn’t use a bit of extra closet space? Transforming your loft into a walk-in closet is a great use of loft space that will have the added benefit of allowing you to be better organized throughout the home. Install some prefabricated closet organization units, shelves, and clothing rods and you have a luxury closet where everything will be in its place.

Out of the Way Office

If you are struggling to find a spot in the home for the home office, consider the loft area for creating an out of the way office that is not only a good use of the space, but is also typically quiet. Add a desk, a bookcase, a computer, and adequate lighting, and you may have the best work space in the house.

Gaming Room

If the loft is located in an area where noise is not an issue, you might also turn it into a game room. Bring in an entertainment system, a video game system and television, along with some baskets or crates for storing game supplies, and you have the best video gaming room in the neighborhood.

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