Types Of Home And Commercial Address Plaques

Home address signs tend to be simple products. The simplest are stickers affixed to the exterior wall of a house where they are easily visible to visitors looking from the streets. More elaborate home signs take the shape of brass or tile with the name or address engraved.

Address signs for home are also quite small in size. The stickers mentioned in this article are only the size of each individual letter, with no plate or backing. Even the largest home address sign is at most two feet in width, which might be considered ostentatious by some.

A particularly good idea would be to light your home numbers should you reside off the beaten track where street lighting is minimal. Deciding to use a lighted home number can also be an excellent idea if you would like to conserve power by not having your porch lights shine all evening in case your home is set far back from the road.

A remedy to suit your needs may be a solar address sign if you are worried about power usage because of the lighting. A photo voltaic address sign has the advantage of being easily noticeable at night time without costing you money. The sign is lighted at night time after absorbing and storing the suns power throughout the day.

Stores and businesses in comparison have more complicated address signs. The size has be much larger, because they have a secondary function of advertising the business to passers-by. Due to the larger size, business signs are more easily buffeted by the wind, and damaged by rain.

A type of material that has become popular for commercial address plaques is the plastic derivative acrylic. It is light-weight, but cheap and almost indestructible. Acrylic is also castable into different kinds of shapes and sizes. Acrylic address signs are further personalized by painting and coating.

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