Traveling Throught Canada by Car With your Pet Rabbit? 3 Facts to Know Before You Go


Traveling can stressed out your rabbit Most rabbit will not enjoy long rides because of all the stress that being in a car will be giving them.If you absolutely have to take your rabbit on a long trip, you need a good size pet carrier to put him in. Put a towel on the bottom and bring plenty more to change them later along with food, hay and a bottle of water.Also take plenty of fresh vegetables and extra food for a long ride.Rabbits are sensitive to overheating If you are planing on traveling in the summer months, remember to never leave the rabbit in the car while you stop, even if it is only for a quick one.Rabbits can overheat very easily and in just for a few minutes, they can suffocate and die.If your car does not have air conditioned,prepare in advance some frozen bottles of water that you put in the carrier wrapped in small towels so the rabbit can lean against them to cool off.Take time to get him out to exercise If you will be traveling for several days in a row, get your rabbit out every night and take him in the motel room with you.Lay a large towel on the bathroom floor and install his litter box, food and water.Put  the pet carrier on the doorway with the open door facing the bathroom and let him out so you can go for dinner without worrying about him destroying anything.Remember that if your rabbit is not used to it,traveling through Canada by car with your pet rabbit could be risky. Some bunnies can get really stressed out and stop eating for over 24 hours, witch could be dangerous for their lives.Unless you have no other choice, if you are moving for example, it would be safer for your little friend to find him a keeper while you are going away.

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