Tips for Using Room Color Schemes

The ability to pick coordinating paint colors allows you to totally makeover your room. Different shades can evoke different thoughts or themes in your space as long as they all match. Paint is a way to redo a lot of different items in your room for a budget friendly redo.

One of the things that you’ll want to think of when choosing coordinating paint colors is that the eyes need some relief. If you are going with a bold color then just add to it a more neutral tone.

A subtle room doesn’t have to be uninteresting; a neutral palette may even include shimmering colors. Imagine adding a copper tin ceiling for a breathtaking feature that still has an antique feeling. When you use neutral colors you get a space that will last for years to come. Neutral shades also give a longer life to furniture and flooring that you’ll probably have for a few years and then make the room pop with paint and decor accessories.

You might have your heart set on using two tones that may not seem like they match. All you need is just one piece that incorporates both of the shades to create a color palette. You may be able to find fabric for throw pillows that has both of your shades in it, then you can put solid pillows in the two colors to save money as long as you have that one item that shows off the entire idea.

There are certain color palettes that are associated with different themes. You can always modernize your theme by which hue of the color you choose to make it uniquely your own. You can create a vintage room with dark wood tones and a soft green shade but then make it feel contemporary by painting your furniture cream or black. If you want a Moroccan style room then use bold colors on the furniture such as purple, orange, red and turquoise; then paint the walls a deep chocolate brown for a moody look.

You need to find a way that you can personally relate to color. You use color everyday without thinking about it. Look at a makeup compact to see how you match colors without realizing it. You also coordinate paint colors when you get dressed. You may have a hobby like web design or even cooking where you create presentations based on shade. You can translate these colors and items into the same theory to select paint colors so the experience is fun and personal to you.

You can start off with an inspiration piece as the basis for your color palette. You might want to be inspired by anything from a sports team to a piece of pottery. If you want the inspiration to really stand out then paint the room in the color opposite of it on the color palette or for a more soothing space then use the exact shade.

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