Tips for Planting Potted Perennial Flowers and Bushes

Once the hole for the plant has been dug, shovel about half of the dirt that you dug up and put it in a wheelbarrow.  Then add equal quantities of manure and of peat moss into the wheelbarrow so that the material in your wheelbarrow should then be one third of the original dirt, one third manure, and one third peat moss.  Then use your shovel to mix up the equal portions of dirt, manure, and peat moss. You may need to break up some of the dirt with your shovel if it is compacted too hard or is in large clumps.  Oftentimes the nursery where you purchased the potted flowers or plants will have a recommended type of compost to use when planting, and if you choose to go with their recommendation then substitute that compost into this mixture in place of the peat moss.  The next step is to mix the materials together in the wheelbarrow with your shovel.

Once the mixture is thoroughly mixed, then shovel an amount of dirt into the bottom of the hole that is equal to the extra depth that you dug the hole so that when you place the potted plant into the hole, the top of the plant’s roots will be exactly flush with the ground.  Now remove the plant from the pot and if there is any meshing around or on the bottom of the roots, then remove that as well.  Place the flower or plant in the hole and use your mixed material to fill in the extra width of the hole.  Push the dirt in with your hands or shovel and once you have filled in the hole up to ground level, then carefully tamp the dirt around the plant down with your foot, then refill the area around the plant up to ground level and you can put a small amount of dirt (roughly one fourth of an inch) on the top of the root and just gently pat all of this final dirt down with your hands.  Place about an inch or two of mulch around the plant and on top of the root of the plant.

Water the plant slowly with about one to two gallons of water depending on the size of the flower or bush.  You will also want to monitor the ground conditions for the first weeksFeature Articles, months and really for the entire first year to make sure that the newly planted flowers and bushes are getting an adequate water supply.

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