Tips For Hardwood Refinishing From Austin

More and more homeowners are now settling down to the idea of refurbishing their homes instead of buying a new home. That being the case, changing the decor in the most basic ways is one way of giving your home a fresh lease of life. Since flowing is an element that impacts the look of the interiors, many homeowners try and change their flooring to bring about a dramatic change in their interiors. If you love the look and texture of your wooden floors, hardwood refinishing is one of the jobs that you might want to tackle.

Why must your go for hardwood refinishing – Austin floor expert
According to experts in flooring from Austin, there are many reasons to refinish your hardwood floors. Hardwood refinishing is the best possible way of giving your floors a brand new look. Since refinished floors look great, they can add value to a home if and when the owner ever decides to sell. Beautiful finish in the hardwood floor makes the home look well kept and expensive.

How to go about hardwood refinishing – Austin floor expert
Hardwood refinishing is not a very hard job. However, it requires a lot of energy and resources. You will need tools and supplies and an awareness of the technique.

Tools you will need:
– Sander
– Safety glasses
– Respirator or a dust mask
– Ear plugs
– Masking tape
– Plastic sheets
– Rags

Before you start sanding the hardwood floor, it is important to know the thickness of the floor so that you do not sand away too much and damage the floor permanently. This is particularly important in case of newer homes as new wooden flooring is not as thick as the flooring available in the past.

Before sanding, clean and sweep the room. Cover pictures and other objects. Remove wall hangings. Dust will be generated; therefore, using a plastic sheet over valuables is a good idea.

When sanding the trim along the edge of the floor, be extremely careful. This part should be sanded precisely by hand. Floors that have a lot of scratches may need to be sanded exhaustively. Once the job of sanding is over, vacuum clean the floor. It is also a good idea to clean the floor with a wet rag to remove any remnants of fine dust that may cling to the floor.

Stain the hardwood floor with your stain of choice. Depending on the type of stain that you use, you may need to apply several coats of stain and you may even need to sand the floor lightly between coats.

Once the coating is over, a buffer can help bring the floor to a fine finish. Wait until the floor is completely dry before you move the furniture or any rugs/carpets into the room.

Refinishing hardwood floors is not rocket science. But it does require some amount of knowledge and experience. That is why refinishing floors is not really a DIY job. If you want your floors to gleam and glisten, then, the best option is to hire the experts, say hardwood refinishing experts from Austin.

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