Three Important Situations To Use Home Address Numbers

People whom you know well like extended family members and especially good friends in the same city do not need your address to find your house just because they have visited so many times. But people who visit rarely, or even strangers, require address signs to identify quickly where you live. There are three cases.

The first is the case where a new friend or an acquaintance is visiting your house for the very first time. He or she may have a GPS locator, and may have a map and your written directions, but nothing beats having a house number to identify your house for certain.

Another such situation is when delivery companies are trying to bring packages to your house. It is true that the mailman can find your home easily because he or she takes that route almost 365 days a year without fail. But other companies come much more sporadically, like DHL, Fedex and UPS. Furthermore, private couriers may not know your town at all.

A third such scenario is the unpleasant but common situation where an emergency team is trying to find out where you live based on a 911 call from you or neighbors who notice an emergency like a fire. But in the excitement of the emergency, communication is not always clear so it is imperative that a clear address sign marks your home.

A home number plaque could be the simplest type of address signs. The objective is discovering a plaque that fits both you and house’s architectural model. The choices are practically limitless, from plain brass numbers to the fanciful ceramic plaque. Size is important in the property number plaque.

Make sure the plaque is visible from the road and that the color of the plaque contrasts properly with your home color. Try sketching on a piece of paper, taping it to your house and taking a look at it from the road to see if it is appropriate.

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