Themed Headboards – Building a Decade Themed Bedroom

Are you bored with the design in your bedroom and looking for something new and different to do in the space? Have you thought about creating a theme in your bedroom inspired by the style of a particular decade or era? This can greatly affect your mood upon entering the room and spice up the place by reflecting your inner personality. One of the best focus points with which to accomplish this is through the use of headboards, since they are typically one of the largest and most prominent pieces in the room. Whether you are inspired by modern design and have contemporary bedroom furniture or have some other time period in mind and want to travel back to that decade, the headboard of your choice can make it all come together.

For those who are obsessed with the Renaissance and Middle Ages, you may find that a theme of iron and wood portrays your innermost thoughts best. Wrought iron headboards can really reflect the style of the times in several ways, since this was a standard material for bedding at the time and also denotes the fierceness of the era with its cold harshness. You can find these with intricately woven designs or hard, cold straight bars and right angles, the latter of which was more common in the Medieval era while the former became the style during the Renaissance.

If you are a little more interested in recent past, you may find that a wooden headboard will suit your needs. Depending on the style, these headboards can be used to signify several eras, ranging from the Old West to the Puritan era and even up to the mid-20th century. In fact, wood is still a popular medium for a headboard today, so if you choose the style that matches your era of interest, you’ll be able to use wood for almost any purpose.

While not the first time they were available, bookcase headboards really came into popularity in the 1980’s. If you’re feeling a little New Age flare or late disco fever, this might be the decade for you. Use the shelving to house your disco ball and lava lamp (left over from the 70s), as well as your books on evolution and pop culture. Be sure you have pictures of Rick Springfield and Cyndi Lauper on the walls, too!

If all else fails, you can use prints to denote the style of your room and the era for which you are decorating. Upholstered headboards make it simple and fun to create a theme for your bedroom, allowing you the ability to redecorate often with ease and just a piece of cloth and a few staples. Use paisley for the 70s, fluorescent shades for the 60s, all black to recognize the Gothic wave of the 90s, or flashy metallic colors for the new millennium. Whatever your preferred era isArticle Search, you can find a way to create a bedroom theme around it with headboards as your centerpiece and the draw to attention for any visitor. Let your personality loose and give it a try!

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