The Use Of Glass Lamp Shades In Interior Decor

Whether you are in the midst of selling a home and need to stage it, or are renovating it for yourself, you might be thinking about what decor elements to add or what furniture to buy. One thing that is easily missed in the process of decorating is setting up attractive lighting. This is necessary in two ways. Attractive lighting is itself a decor element, but it also is important for bringing out or enhancing all the other work you have done.

Imagine that you have just sanded down the kitchen cabinet sides, doors etc. You have applied a new coat of stain and finish. How do you ensure that all the details of the beautiful new surface are brought out. The key is to ensure that during the day time natural light can bath the kitchen, and during the night a well-positioned lamp with a beautiful shade substitutes for natural light. The canned, overhead light will not be suitable. A good table lamp or standing torchiere offers increased control of placement.

Foremost amongst the lamps are the glass lamp shades which have a richer array of colors than fabric shades. A glass lamp shade is also more robust to heat discoloration over time. The glass comes in different colors that impart different moods to the surroundings. The rims and surfaces may further be decorated with cemented or dangling bead trim forming what is known as the beaded lamp shades. Beaded lamp shades are actually a subclass of these other types. We review a few glass lamp shade styles in the following.

One of the earliest glass shades derive from the fruits of labor of the 20th century artist Louis Tiffany. He was a son of the entrepreneur who set up the store of the same name that is scattered in cities around the globe currently. There are two main reasons why Tiffany indulged in glass lamp shades. The first is that he had classical training in the arts and understood the construction of stained glass windows in churches. The second is that he was by trade also an interior designer who thought up novel home decor ideas. The Tiffany lamp shades are made up of panes of stained glass framed in metal, the construction of which mirrors church windows. When lit, they became brilliant scenes drawn from natural scenes such as animals, insects and landscapes.

The word mica lamp shade evokes a lamp with a mineral-quality panes of glass. In many homes mica lamp shades are used in rooms in need of soothing light. There are a number of shapes for mica shades, but perhaps one of the most popular is the pyramid. The diameters and colors are pretty diverse for these delicate lamp shades. Ensure you have the correct width by measuring the top width, as well as the fitter width on the bottom.

Many shapes are widely available for glass shades. A few of the popular ones are the gas lamp shade and the hurricane shade. The hurricane design has a very special shape, its height exceeds the width, reminiscent of a vase. It meshes well with cathedral ceilings that can accommodate the high, slender profile of the hurricane. A further unusual glass shade is the traditional Victorian shade that saw itself installed in many homes in the age of Victorian England. The day and age watched over the rise of gas lighting and therefore a proliferation in usage and production.

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