The Thrifty Cabin: How to Spruce up Your Get-Away on a Budget

Your cabin may represent many things to you – a place to get away from it all, to have a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of things. Of course, although you may not want to be dishing tons of funds into decorating your cabin, you probably want it to be a cozy and appealing place to rest. Here are some affordable ideas that you can toy with as you go about decorating your cabin.

Beginning with the walls, a nice idea is to have some favorite family photos blown up and then to hang them inside some funky frames. You can decorate a whole wall this way, and create great impact by using all different shapes ans styles of frames. Another funky idea is to collect some old window frames, and to use these as your picture frames. This look is very artistic and sort of shabby-chic – a perfect approach for affordable cabin decor.

Another option for the walls, which will affect a more country-look is to hang heirloom family quilts on the walls. If you don’t have a collection in stock you can have fun collecting some from garage sales, flea market or you can purchase a new one as a special treat to you and your new cabin decor.

Keep your furniture looking solid, simple and basic, so that everything ties in. Second hand furniture is a great way to go with a cabin and you should be able to find lots of potential pieces, at antique shops or flea markets. Again if you want to get artistic, you might consider sanding down, refinishing and painting some pieces. You can then create a color theme and tie all your furniture in together. Of course, if this seems like a lot of work to you, remember solid wood pieces of all kinds and styles will mesh together just fine. Wood has that cozy and alluring effect, and sometimes it’s nice to have a variety of different looking pieces.

To accessorize and tie in your wood furniture you can purchase colorful throw pillows and beautiful quilts. These will not only add splashes of accent color to your cabin decor, but also serve to augment the coziness factor. You’ll want your cabin to be visually appealing, but above all, cozy and comfortable. This is where the best of form and function meet.

From the walls all the way to the floor, subtle additions of texture and color can create a sense of unity, beauty and warmth throughout your cabin. Consider some nice throw rugs, to “decorate” your cabin floor. They are especially great for covering up flaws if you don’t have an finished floor. Again, this is another chance to make good use of accent color and to tie everything in.

Another fun approach to cabin decor is in the kitchen. Antique glass jars, kitchen utensils and old tins all add a special flair to your cabin decor. And, these are things you can easily find at thrift shops and antique stores – or perhaps you have some family pieces tucked away in boxes at home. Dust them off and give them new life in your cabin decor! is your real estate gateway to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. You’ll find information on North Georgia real estate, including beautiful North Georgia property.

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