The Rodale Empire – Pioneers In Organic Gardening

Rodale Inc was set up in 1930 by Jeremy I. Rodale. The topics chiefly concentrated upon by the books and magazines published by Rodale Inc include fitness, health and organic gardening. Jeremy I. Rodale believed that the health of people is directly proportional to the fertility of the soil.

He had many ideas about the American agricultural system. Jeremy Rodale started the Organic Farming and Gardening magazine in 1942 with the purpose of generating awareness among the general public about the benefits of growing its food crops in soil that is naturally healthy and fertile, and using completely natural methods. Jeremy Rodale believed that this was a direct pathway towards a healthier population, and he himself put these ideas to practice at a 60-acre farm in Pennsylvania. His ideas gradually became popular, and today he is hailed as a pioneer in the field of organic gardening.

The magazine he established in 1942 remains popular to this day. In fact, it is the most popular magazine of its genre, and gives the readers information on how to grow what they want free of damaging pesticides and chemicals.

In 1950, Rodale started yet another magazine, named Prevention. It talked about prevention rather than cure in the context of human illnesses and diseases. Today, around 10.5 million readers peruse this magazine and it is the 12th largest in the country. Like all pioneers who are ahead of their time, Jeremy Rodale was considered eccentric for propounding his ideas related to health, fitness and natural gardening but later people had to accept the logical truth of what he was telling them, especially when the world was faced with an environmental crisis. In his book “Pay Dirt”, Jeremy Rodale talks about the dangers of chemical sprays and neglect of soil under the green blanket as well as issues such as erosion.

Pay Dirt wasn’t the only book Rodale authored. In fact, it was only one of many. He was a versatile and productive writer. This pioneer passed away in the year 1971, and was succeeded by his son, Robert Rodale. Robert brought Rodale Inc to greater heights and it gained greater popularity under him. Their catchphrase “You can do it” became the catchphrase of millions, and gave common people a great confidence boost while equipping them with information about enriching their lives and being healthy.

Robert Rodale followed his father’s footsteps in publishing many works on health, fitness and organic gardening as well as home improvement strategies. Today, duo to these momentous efforts, the name Rodale instantly conjures up images of organic gardening and natural, healthy living at so many modern people swear by.

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