The Perfect Indoor Water Fountain for Your Castle

It’s said that a man’s (or woman’s) home is his/her castle. This proverbial expression illustrates the principle of your right to enjoy your personal privacy at home. Your home provides a much needed refuge from the stress of the outside world. It’s the one place where you can do what you want to do, when you want to do it.

It is, of course, natural to strive to make your surroundings at home as pleasant and peaceful as possible. A great way to enhance your home’s environment is to add an indoor water fountain. A quality fountain will reduce stress, mask unpleasant noises, and provide an attractive focal point within the room.

There are a seemingly endless number of fountain styles available today. Choosing the type and design of fountain that best fits your needs may seem to be quite a challenge. However a general review of your home decorating scheme can make that decision quite a bit easier. No matter what style you have chosen for your personal living space, it usually can be enhanced by an indoor water fountain that adds that special touch to your decor.

Does your home decor make use of rich colors, organic materials, natural textures, or exposed wood? Does your interior decorating style have a multi-cultural feel? If so, you may want to choose a fountain that is made from natural materials such as sandstone, granite, copper or slate. These types of materials would coordinate well with your decor.

Does your taste run to a more contemporary or modernistic decor? If so, indoor fountains that make use of stainless steel or brass combined with sleek black stone may be a perfect solution. Wall mounted fountains that make a bold statement will serve as an eye catching focal point. Likewise, modern floor mounted fountains or waterfalls can also serve as unique pieces of fine art that adds to the ambiance of a contemporary design.

Homes with a Feng Shui or general Asian theme can be readily enhanced by one of the many Asian inspired water fountains that are available. Tabletop fountains made from stone, ceramic and bamboo combined with the element of flowing water are quite popular. Similarly, fountains with the elegant simplicity of a Zen garden theme are also found in many Asian interior designs.

Homes with traditional decor are well suited for fountains with a classic look. Scalloped edges, delicate scrollwork and tiered basins work well together giving a traditional home a stylish look. Classic fountains can be found made from a wide range of materials. Finding one that works well with your particular decorating style should not be very difficult.

Finding the perfect water fountain is your first step toward a new level of serenity to counter every day stress. The perfect water fountain can help you attain complete relaxation through the peaceful sound of gently flowing water.

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